"Driving along in my Monkeemobile..."

     Michael Nesmith was driving the modified Pontiac GTO that he and his three friends shared. In fact, they shared a lot of things. A house (their groovy pad), a band (the Monkees), the care (the Monkeemobile), and a lot of memories. The memories were from a lot of close shaves and scrapes throught the past couple of years. Who knew a little garage band could get into so much trouble in 1966 and 1967?
     "Mike!" A voice from beside Michael, usually called Mike, pulled him out of his thoughts.
     "Stay on the road," admonished Micky Dolenz, fellow Monkee. Micky was usually known as the "crazy Monkee." It seemed odd for Micky to be giving Mike driving advice, Mike being the natural leader of the band and the sensible Texan Monkee.
     "Okay, Micky. Davy, Peter, are you awake back there?"
     "Of course we are," replied David Jones from the middle seat. Actually, he was from Manchester, England, but he was speaking from where he was sitting in the middle seat.
     "Are you awake?"
     "Yeah," said Peter Tork sleepily, from the back seat. Peter was the shy, quiet one. As much as Mike hated to think it, Mike knew that Peter was also the slightly stupid one.
     "Mike! What is that?" exclaimed Davy, pointing at something in front of the car.
     "Nothing, I'm sure. I bet it's just fog." Mike drove straight through the "fog" and straight into something from science fiction. In fact, from this very story.


Chapter One

     "Who are you?"
     "'Huh?' The government must have had a glitch that day."
     "No, my name is Mike Nesmith."
     "Like I said, a glitch."
     "Changing your code to 'Huh?'"
     "No. These are my friends Micky Dolenz, David Jones and Peter Tork."
     "Strange codes."
     "Well, what's your name?"
     "Mike, I think he called it a code."
     "Right. What is your code?"
     "CR 579."
     "Sounds more like a license plate than a name."
     With that, CR 579 simply walked away as if he'd never known them.
     "Who are you?" Another voice demanded, as if the strange inhabitants were forming a queue to ask him the same pointless series of questions.
     "Look, we just told CRLQ 3628476 that we're Michael Nesmith, David Jones, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork."
     The woman gave him a blank look and walked away.
     "Who are you?"
     This time, Peter, Micky, Mike and Davy walked away. They couldn't stand any more of the mindless repetitivness.
     Mike approached the first helpful looking person. "Can you help us?"
     Looks can be deceiving, as the person turned away.
     "Maybe we should just practice and they won't be so hostile," suggested Micky.
     "Good idea, Mick. The instruments are in the back of the car."
     "Does this mean we're not playing a gig today?"
     "Afraid not, Peter. No one seems to know how to get out of here."
     After a few minutes, the Monkees were set up and began to play. They started off the practice set, ironically enough, with "Take a Giant Step (Outside Your Mind)."


Part Two, in which...
Part Three, wherein...

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