Late breaking ending!....
>     "There is no tomorrow," she stated simply before the crowd
> swallowed her up again.
>     The four looked at one another, and up at the blank,
> featureless sky.
>     There was a long silence.
>     "Guys," Mike said, breaking it. "I think we're in trouble."
     "I think it's worse than trouble," said Davy.
     "Did you produce that?"
     The four Monkees turned around and came face to face with someone who looked just like Mr. Babbit. Remarkable thing it was, considering that no one else looked much like anyone. Or even like themselves. Just existing, grey faces, all looking pretty much alike.
     "Produce what? Are you talkin' about our music?" asked Mike.
     "If that is what you are inclined to call it. So you are the ones who caused that disturbance?"
     "Gee, we should practice more."
     "Yes, we caused that 'disturbance.'" Mike noticed something else about this person. He came right up to them and addressed them. They had to pull every one else from the huge throng that surrounded them. He didn't even ask who they were, as all those others had.
     "You will have to come with me."
     The Monkees looked at each other before reluctantly following the man.
     "Where are we going?"
     "I cannot tell you."
     "Why not?"
     "These," said the man, gesturing to the people milling around them. "They are not to hear."
     Mike shrugged, and the man led on. An arm reached out from the crowd and grabbed Mike's elbow. The young woman attached to the arm pulled herself free from the mob and into the small oasis around the four guys. There was nothing strange about the girl, not compared with the other inhabitants of the strange place they were in. She had very pale grey eyes, pale skin, white grey hair and a light grey tunic and pants.
     "Don't follow him!" she whispered ferverently. Mike looked at her as if she were insane and continued to follow the man, without really considering the strangeness of the event. After a moment of indecision, Micky and Peter followed Mike. The girl grabbed Davy's arm. "Please," she besought him. He took her hand, but followed Mike, Peter and Micky. The girl held onto his hand tightly.
     When all four Monkees and the girl caught up with the man leading them, the man had reached a door. "This is as far as I go," said the man. "You are to go inside."
     "No!" yelled the girl. "Run! They'll kill you!"
     The Monkees scattered. The sea of humanity that was supposed to disguise the four scattered away from the Monkees.
     Davy held tight to the girl's hand. "What is your name?" he asked as he ran.
     "My code is LR 1138. What's yours?"
     "Well, most people just call me Davy."
     "Day? Vee?"
     "No, Davy. Can I call you something other than LR? Maybe Lara?"
     "Lara," she tested, beginning to lose her breath. "I consent."
     "Where are we?" asked Davy, suddenly realizing that there were fewer people around.
     "Where I live and work. Come with me," she said, taking the lead.


     The other Monkees had regrouped, and also managed to talk as they ran.
     "Where's Davy?"
     "I think he took that girl with him."
     "Well, that explains it."
     "Shouldn't there be some music playing here?"
     "That's right! Where's our romp song?"
     "Shut up and run, he's gaining!"
     "Wrong. They're gaining!"


The Beginning
Phase Two, in which...

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