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Cloud Nine Day

Happy Cloud Nine Day! Cloud Nine Day began on November 15, and will last until January 1. There is a strict schedule for all 48 days of Cloud Nine [it is the same every day]. The site of the Celebrations is the new Community and Wellness Center. This is also where visitors may decide to stay, considering the fact that all may visit Cloud Nine during Cloud Nine Day.

Time Activity [or where]
WhateverMorning mean
After thatPark time, or Community Center time.
ThenHot Chocolate
LunchCook out, roast marshmallows
After lunchFormal Screening of "Head" at the CloudPlex [Transportation provided from all Clouds by shuttle bus; inmates will be wearing bright orange tuxedoes.]
After movieFend for yourself [tourists take tours of Cloud City Lister over and over and over again, or go to Lookout Point on Cloud Five. Permanent residents usuall go to the park or the sports complex on Cloud Five.]
Dinner[Formal attire] Community Center
After Dinner"There will be dancing!" Don't worry if there's not enough people at the C Center for you to dance with! Never forget clones, or write anyone offlist into your dancing.
After Dancing"Let's all play mouse/And each go to ihs own little house!"

Have fun!
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