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Cloud One

Ah, everyone is here.

What? Where is here?

Observe the green grass, the rolling hill, the milling newbies...we're here, live, at the grassy knoll.


What is it with you and questions? Anyway, we're here for the tour.

Of what?

That's it! Get out of here! You're being too disruptive!


No, wait! I was only kidding! We're here at the grassy knoll to tour the clouds.

I gotta say it--Clouds?

Look up. Don't hurt yourself. No, not at the sun, the other direction. Those clouds. Okay, now, if you would please form an orderly line... Well, I didn't say a large horde, but it's close enough. Up the knoll, stay behind me, don't get lost, and be careful that no one mistakes you for a newbie [not that being a newbie is bad, of course not].

Here we are at the top of the grassy knoll. Note the mini-trampoline. One at a time, please. Get on the mini-trampoline, and jump until your head hits something in that fog hanging o'erhead. It should be the ladder. Grab hold and climb up. You in the back! Stop that! Wait your turn.

<Boing!> Ouch!

Just a simple ladder, right? Yeah, stuck in a dense fog. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe. Besides, the grass is soft.

Welcome to Cloud Two!
I don't need no stinkin' tours! Back.