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Cloud Two

Welcome to the main lobby. Over there, a fireplace. Here, an A/C. And all around are bean bags chairs, overstuffed chairs, coffee tables, regular tables, ladderback chairs, and just everything. Comfy cozy, non? [Ew! French! Sorry. I don't like French because, well, I was forced to take the class for six years. Dumb system.]

If there is any activity, organization or club that you would like to start on the list, feel free to use the assembly rooms down the hall. Of the twelve rooms, six rooms seat 300 and the other six seat 150.

Here is the front desk. Currently, it's run on a volunteer basis, so be quick if you see someone up here. At the front desk, you can register to live in or visit the clouds [although it is not always mandatory], buy tickets to the CloudPlex [our movie theatre], send messages to other Clouders and reserve assembly rooms. If there's no one behind the desk, send a message to me by clicking on my name at the bottom of the page.

Most important at the front desk, you can register for a pass to Cloud Three.

If you'll just board the escalator, we'll be at Cloud Four in No Time.

Welcome to Cloud Four!
I don't need no stinkin' tours! Back.