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Cloud Three

This tour is the only time that anyone is allowed inside this complex with out a pass. Permanent Cloud City Lister residents are issued one-year passes to the complex for one Fantasy Credit. All other listers are charged two Fantasy Credits for a three-week pass. As far as I know, I am the only one to have a reason to visit a clone in here.

The first building in the complex is the courts. The worst crimes in the court system are breaking RL laws, and being accused of any offence by your "friend" [read:owner]. That's why, I'm sorry to say, Davy Jonesss [my Davy clone] was incarcerated. I accused him of pushiness, and evilness. He got out just after Thanksgiving. My sister and I were considering accusing Micky Dolenzzz of evilness. We're afraid that it might have a negative affect on our sweet clones, Mike Nesmithh and Peter Torkk.]

Back to the courts, and out of my personal affairs. To stand trial, we may for a jury, but I doubt it will even be needed.

"If any clone-friend thinks that a clone has caused enough offense to him or her to warrant a trial, that clone-friend will have the sole right to try, convict and sentence his or her clones as that friend may see fit."

[The Sole Law of the Clone Judicial System of Cloud City Lister]

The second building is clone prison, where they live while they carry out their sentence. Some clones may be sentenced to work camp, where they are assigned odd jobs around the Cloud City, and occasionally other parts of the clubhouse. The Work Camp is the third building.

The final building in the Cloud Three Complex is the Recycling Center. [Hey, we gotta have some sorta waste disposal!] Many clones sentenced to Work Camp are assigned to the Recycling Center.

Occasionally, when Lyric can find no way to correct a malfunction in a clone, they may be sent here. Defective clones are given better cells in the prison than those who are sentenced to criminal time.

Clouds Two and One Down
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