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Cloud Four

Here we are at the State of Confusion. It is a pleasantly chaotic cloud. When you feel confused, you instantly appear here. This is, of course, the most visited cloud.

Located somewhere around here is the Secret Entrance to Cloud Three, clone purgatory. Nevermind about that now.

The quarters are kind of close here. That's because this cloud is the third smallest. Only Cloud Ten and Cloud Eight are smaller.

This cloud is not a place that most listers want to stay. Once they have found the source of their confusion, or figured out what was bothering them, they are instantly restored to their rightful place. Until then, what can they do?

Almost anything! We have free passes to Ev3a's sub. Well, maybe not. But hey, we've got closed circuit cable with her monitors--Currently Showing on Screen One--Monkees, All day and all night! Screen Two--Quantum Leap, All day and all night! Screen Three--Young Riders, All day and all night! [Note: These circuits may have been crossed, but the screens are right.]

Aside from that, there are always other listers to entertain our confused friends.

This environment is getting a little suffocating. Let's move on towards that suspension bridge over there. We'll stop by Cloud Three on the way back.

Welcome to Cloud Five!
I don't need no stinkin' tours! Back.