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Cloud Five

No jumping on the bridge!

Here we are, the State of FanFiction. You'd be surprised how many regulars we have here. Please, try not to get too close to any of the authors. For example, at my work station, depending on which story I'm writing on, it could be one, four, six or 119 years in the future, as well as 30 years ago. The climate could be that of Utah, North Carolina, New Mexico, or California. Be careful, that's just MY station. The parts of the clouds that are white are safe to step in. And other color, and you're on your own.

There are also a lot of sets of the Monkees. Not clones, but actual sets. And any other characters that are in an author's story. Don't worry, no character can leave their author's work station. But that's why there are so many of the guys around.

Now, as per some clarification, you may remember that the next cloud, Cloud Six, is the Beginning of Fantasy.

What is the difference between FanFiction and Fantasy?

You again? Quite simply, FanFiction is planned out, written down, and, although it can involve fantasy, does not necessarily involve the author.

Fantasy is something that occurs usually only within ones mind, but it can be recorded. It always involves the author/fantasizer, and usually isn't planned or planned to the end.


Now that we've look at FanFiction, let's go ahead and look at Fantasy. Envision yourself at a concert with any number of the Monkees, and as many or as few fans there as you'd like. don't forget to get autographs, and check and see what year it is. Don't write anything down yet. Hold still, and take the link to Cloud Six.

Welcome to Cloud Six!
I don't need no stinkin' tours! Back.