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Cloud Six

Good job, listers, good job. Oops, looks like we lost a few, but that's okay. I just hope their not caught in an author's station.

Moving along, we are now in the Beginning of Fantasy. Whenever you start any fantasy--that is, an unwritten story involving something you hope or wish to happen, you and, in this case, the Monkees--you immediately appear here.

Hi, Abby. Abby, folks, is the only *official* permanent resident... sort of. We're all hoping she makes it up to Cloud Eight or Nine.

The only thing affected by a fantasizer is the weather around them. It's ever so slightly warmer or colder depending upon the fantasizer's destination, but more about that later.

When you arrive here, you may have Peeps, plain marshmallows, cookies or chocolates. And these will not cause any weight gain, ever!

If you don't want any of these, then feel free to take a handful of Fantasy Credits. They are redeemable as admission to any Cloud without the necessary requirements [i.e. Fantasizing to arrive here, Cloud Six; or being excedingly happy to arrive at Cloud Nine]. It takes two Fantasy Credits to purchase a 3-week pass to Cloud Three, clone purgatory [don't forget that you can buy these at the front desk way back on Cloud Two, and if you don't have 2 Fantasy Credits, and one-week pass is free]. The thing these Fantasy Credits are most useful for is visiting friends [or clones] that are living or visiting in our Clouds.

Remember that fantasy you started just a little while ago to get here? Pick up where you left off. Good. Good! Excellent! Okay, STOP! We've got to go to the next Cloud.

Welcome to Cloud Seven!
I don't need no stinkin' tours! Back.