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Cloud Eight

Isn't this much better? Brighter, happier, peaceful, less populated, less area.

This is where you arrive from Cloud Six if you finish your fantasy in a "good" way the first time around. You can see that this is not so easily achieved.

"Good" is defined by the fantasizer. When you begin a fantasy, you appear on Cloud Six. When your fantasy is done, the same forces that transported you to Cloud Six detect if you are satisfied with the outcome of your fantasy. Good varies from person to person, so we must rely on forces to consider you, the fantasizer "successful" or not.

Hi, TexasCarrie. So far, she's the only perminent resident of Cloud Eight, and she's only up here when she's not working in/at/on the Texas Hospitality Suite.

Note the tightwire. That is direct from Cloud Six. If your are "successful" your first go around, the tightwire is easier to walk than it was for the guys in the Circus episode.

I'll take this opportunity to recap what we've seen, what we will see and give you a few important details about Cloud City Lister.

Welcome to Cloud Nine!
I don't need no stinkin' tours! Back.