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Cloud Nine

Welcome to the happiest place on the list. If you are happy, that's wonderful. If you are filled with joy, you are here [you have to be filled with joy before you get here--at least your first time].

Cloud Nine is located above the Monkee Love~Cyber Poolhouse, where my TheresaTripSis and MoonfireCos used to reside. They are both currently off list. Moonfire may return to the list soon, but I'm not sure about Theresa. Their studies have become more demanding than in the past, and they have to devote more time to them. TheresaTripSis and MoonfireCos both have have wonderful announcements!

Theresa was married on July 31, 1999. Isn't it great?! And MoonfireCos got engaged on her birthday, August 13, 1999! She and her fiance are expecting a new little Lister in February!

Listers, Moonfire ( * is back home in the poolhouse. When she does visit us, she'll be at my house.

Also on your left is my house. Isn't it nice? We've added a second story. DaisyCos and her two clones now live here. [Quick note: this is *her* clone page, not mine.] Okay, so there are about eight floors now, but the elevators are fun to ride. You can reach me at CL9-CCLO or 259-2256. To the left of my house, lies the pasture where we keep Peter's cow, Flossie, and Mike's German Shepard puppy, Tripeliah. Flossie was thrown at Cloud Nine by CorinneCos [from the Poolhouse]. We then captured Flossie, and a subsequent cow, and held them as COW POWs. After negotiations, Maggie, the other cow, went back to CoriCos, who offered a German Shepard puppy to Mike because Mike was very attached to Maggie. Mike named the dog Tripeliah [trip-uh-li-uh]. For Christmas, CoriCos gave our fave clones personalized scooterbikes. (Thanx 4-ever--Peter.) For Christmas, from Lyric and from me, the clones received.... themselves! That's right, I now own two sets of clones, and currently have one set here on loan, and Daisy's two clones. Whew! Oh, and to add to our mad menagerie [not as in MommaKay's, although I am one of hers], CoriCos gave Peter1 and Peter2 a kitten for their birthday/her half birthday.

To your right, you can see Mina-Clare Moseley's[Sis] and Justin Toner's houses. They are just two of the permanent residents. I, of course, am also a permanent resident, and any person visiting a cloud can apply for permanent residence [tell me they're gonna live there so I'll know who all lives here].

In front of you, Daydream Jess's house lies. It's a comfy house, but you can't go inside. Aside from the fact that it's a private residence, there's a well-camouflaged trapdoor so she can get down to her tree quickly. Oh, and she lives there with her clones, Peter, Peter and Peter.

And there's Ashy! Her house is next door to Daydream Jess's, and she likes to spend time under the Tree of Love. The name of her house is the Star Gallery. Oh, and Darla stays there, too.

Finally, we come to the last of our houses. This is the house of Mme Webster, also called a House of Grooviness [because we all are groovy, y'know.] She also has some fanfic on my fanfic page

Note the railing around the edge of the Cloud. The first structure on any of the Clouds, this dates back to about October 26, 1997. The first tour of the Cloud City was given on November 7, 1997.

There is the hike trail, the park and the Community and Wellness Center. The hike trail is peaceful, green and offers many different routes to challenge or calm a hiker of any experience level. The psychedelic park is filled with hybrid trees and plants engineered to thrive on the cotton candy soil[?] we have here. It's a very colorful place. The centerpiece of the park is the Tree of Love. It's sort of a cross between a bleeding heart tree, a mimosa tree and a plum tree. [So I like plums, so what?] Harmony's Headquarters is also located in the park. The Community and Wellness Center is...gee....the community center and and hospital.

Cloud Nine Day begins on November 15th and lasts until January 1st. There are 48 days of Cloud Nine. There are many "ceremonies" associated with Cloud Nine Day. Most importantly, it is the only day[s] when even the depressed can live on Cloud Nine. All visitors, during the Celebrations and afterward, must stay in the Community Center unless a personal invitation is extended by a resident. Cloud Nine Day!

This almost concludes our tour, but we still have a bit of a ways to go.

Look! In the sky! It's a bird...It's a plane....It's [aw] only Cloud Ten.
I don't need no stinkin' tours! Back.