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Rules and Regulations

  1. Leadership: As co-creator of the clouds, along with Mina-Clare Moseley and Justin Toner [who are exempt from having to worry about tours and laws so that they may spend time with each other], I, Autumn [Petra] Cooper Trenton [Torkorgana], appoint myself Cloud City List Overseer. As such, it is my responsibility to create, maintain and advertise the tour, as well as ask permission from any residents to use their names in any way, shape or form. It is also my duty to field and/or direct all questions pertaining to Cloud City Lister and its residents. Finally, it is my responsibility to acknowledge any new members of Cloud City Lister, even if no one else does, will or can.
  2. Currency: Cloud City Lister accepts two forms of currency. Twinkies are the equivalent of one-half American cent. Fantasy Credits have no exchange rate, but are worth a lot more than Twinkies.
  3. Laws: The sole law of Cloud City Lister is this: Be good. As per the Clone Justice System, the sole rule is as follows.
    If any clone-friend thinks that a clone has caused enough offense to him or her to warrant a trial, that clone-friend will have the sole right to try, convict and sentence his or her clones as that friend may see fit.
  4. Weights and Measures: These hold very little importance outside of Cloud Five, where it is at the writer's discretion.
  5. Time and Space: are infinite.
  6. Taxation: There is no property or income tax in Cloud City Lister.

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Apply to live here! If you'd like to live here, please send me an e-mail stating your name and what Cloud you'd like to live on. I'll send you a reply as soon as possible. Thank you! Cloud City Lister Home