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Clouds Down

I will now take any more questions I can think of. If you have any questions, you can contact me at

--Back to Cloud Nine.
Why is your house so small?

**If I've ever heard a dumb question, this is it. I really don't think that it's that small. There's room enough for me, my sister [Jeanie], my cat, the clones, their instruments, my flute, my sister's violins, our piano, our bedrooms, the clones' rooms, my cat's room... you get the picture, right?

--Cloud Eight
Can you get back to Cloud Six from here?

**Yes, and it is not necessary to start a new fantasy.

--Cloud Seven
Can you get back to Cloud Six from here?

**Only if you start a new fantasy.

--Cloud Six
Can we tell that we've been transported to Cloud Six?

**Not usually. Most of the time, you are too immersed in your fantasy to notice at first.

--Cloud Five
Are writers the only things here?

**Things? Whatever. No. There is also a very nice and high tech sports complex/health spa/gym and a look out tower. The view from up there is beautifiul.

--Cloud Four
Why isn't this cloud bigger?

**I'm afraid that's considered an official complaint and will have to filed with the 14R, 1098T, 72C, 6Y, 203M and 6732L forms, which can only be obtained while the front desk is opened. If the forms are turned in in the wrong order, the plantiff will have to copmlete the complaint application process again.

--Cloud Three
Why wasn't this included in the tour? Can't you count?

**Oh, gee, thanks. The real reason is that I wanted Cloud Three to be less accessable, and less in the way, in the even that you didn't want to go see the clones like this. All I want to say here is that there's a prison, a court, and a work center. Without any further explanation or ado, I give you the Secret Entrance to Cloud Three
Skip Cloud Three
I don't need no stinkin' tours! Back.