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Clouds! Strange clouds!

     Has anyone ever told you that you have your head in the clouds? Good! Welcome. I am Autumn P. Torkorgana, Cloud City Lister Overseer and resident of Cloud Nine [yes, THE Cloud Nine!].
     Basically, we have six easily accessable clouds and four that aren't so easy to visit.

Easy Clouds (6)

Not-As-Easy Clouds (2)

Not Recommended Clouds (1)

Completely Restricted Clouds (1)

Quick Navagation

I don't really have time for a full tour. Just show me the overview.
Sure, I've got time! Let me in and start the tour!
You may want to read the Cloud City Lister Rules and Regulations.
What? You want to live here? Be my guest. No, you'll have to stay at your own house. And you'll have to read the Rules and Regulations before it's official. You'll see why there....

Autumn Petra Torkorgana

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