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Gonna Buy Me a Dog

Part Eight: My girl, my girl don't love me no how.

The following day, Micky was out on the beach. Actually, everyone was. When they thought Micky was missing, everyone canceled their plans for the day—even Autumn's moving. Micky was standing off by himself, thinking about Rachel, while everyone else was . . . somewhere else. Micky wasn't paying any attention to them.

"Micky!" someone called. Micky didn't recognize their voice. Before he had a chance to look around, Carey ran up to him and hugged him.

"Hello, Carey," Micky said, with more than a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Come with me," she invited. Well, it was less of an invitation and more of a demand which Micky wouldn't have been able to deny her—she grabbed his wrist and yanked him off balance, so he really had no choice but to follow her.


"Guys, have you seen Micky lately?" Olivia asked.

Everyone else stopped dead in their tracks and looked around.

"Uh oh."



"Wait," said Gia. "I thought I saw Carey walking up to him a little while ago."


"Carey Simpson. Remember, she came to the door yesterday asking for Micky."

Autumn shook her head wearily. "It starts," she murmured.

"What did you say?" Peter asked.



"Carey, stop it."

Carey laughed and kissed Micky again.

"No, really, Carey, stop."

Carey laughed again. "Come on, Micky, you know you like it."

"No, I don—" Carey cut him off by kissing him. When he was free again, Micky started to walk away. Carey caught his arm.

"Don't go," she half-commanded, half-plead.

"I'm sorry," Micky said, suddenly feeling sorry for her, "but I have to . . . uh . . . wash my dog. Yeah, my dog."

"You don't have a dog."

"Mike was supposed to buy one!"

"You're so cute when you're trying to make excuses." Carey kissed him again. "Please don't leave me so alone and helpless."

Micky eyed her suspiciously. "You aren't alone, and you aren't helpless." Maybe a little dense, though.

"Come on Micky!"

"Would you quit it already?"


Uh-oh! Puppy-dog eyes. DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!!! DANGER!!!!!!!!!! "I really have to go."

"Please stay," she begged again.

Micky sighed heavily. "I guess. Let's go out to dinner. First, go home and change and then meet me at Club Cassandra."

"Promise to be there?"

"I promise."


When Micky got home, he told the guys what he was going to do. The girls had gone home already.

"Well, at least you're not missing. I'll call Autumn and Gia and tell them you're home," said Peter. He picked up the phone and dialed. "Hi, Gia. I'm just calling to tell you that Micky's home safe. . . . Sure. . . . Hi, Autumn. Micky's home. . . . Carey practically kidnaped him. . . . She finally let him go if he promised to come to Club Cassandra later for dinner. . . . What? . . . Really? . . . Huh. I'll tell him. Okay. Bye." Peter hung up the phone.

"What did she say?"

"She said that the name Cassandra means 'she who is ignored.'"

"Let's hope so," Micky said.

The End

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