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Good Clean Fun


The next morning Michael took his mom to the airport because she was leaving for Texas. She was a very nice woman and very talkative, too-- just like Michael. I really didn't get to talk to her that much, but she acted as if she'd known me forever.

When Michael came back, he headed straight for my room. "What were you doing last night?" He asked as he barged in.

"Michael! What do you think you're doing, barging in here like that?!!" I screamed as I grabbed a robe to cover myself. I was in my pajamas.

Phyllis came into my room after hearing the commotion. "Michael," she demanded, "what's going on here?"

"I was asking what did she think she was doing flirting with Micky last night!!" He shouted.

"Oh Michael, let her flirt! You're only seventeen once," said Phyllis.

"But he has a girlfriend!!!" He yelled.

I just stood there motionless. I didn't know what to say or to do. Playing dumb was the only way out of this. I let my big mouth get me into this, so I had to think my way out of this.

The two of them were still arguing and screaming, but suddenly stopped when I quietly said,

"I didn't know he had a girlfriend."

"You didn't?" asked Michael.

"No, neither of you mentioned that fact to me." I said with my head bowed.

"See, Michael, she didn't know. And if Micky has a girlfriend, why was he flirting with her?" Phyllis demanded.

"I don't know," said Michael diverting his attention to me.

He raised my head with his hand and looked into my eyes. It wasn't a look of love, it was a look of concern. "I'm just worried about you getting involved with Micky. He has a girlfriend and you don't need to get mixed up in a mess like that, ok?" He said.

"Ok, Michael. Anything you say," I said softly.

After all that mess, I was relieved to have the house to myself for awhile. Michael and Phyllis had to leave for the afternoon to take care of some legal matters. I watched Christian. He was so well-behaved. We played patty-cake, peek-a-boo, and I read to him. He conked out about two hours before Micheal and Phyllis got back.

After putting Christian to bed, I went out on Micheal's and Phyllis's patio. I couldn't help thinking about Micky-- his smile, his laugh, the way he looked at me. I was lost in my thoughts when I was brought back to reality when the phone rang.

I ran into the living room to catch the phone so that it wouldn't awaken Christian. It was Bob and Bert. They wanted to tell me that I was expected to be in at work the next day. The day I had gotten in California, they called to tell me that they were giving me a couple of days to settle in before I came to work. I told them that I'd be in with Michael tomorrow morning.

Michael and Phyllis got back about six that evening. We sat down to a wonderful meal that Phyllis prepared about eight. She asked if Christian was good or not, and of course I told her that he was a perfect angel. We talked about the show at dinner. Michael explained a little more about it to me. I was really excited to meet the other two members of the group.

"I think you'll like one of them in particular," he said.

I already liked one in particular and I couldn't stop thinking about that one.

"Oh really," I said disinterested.

"Yeah, he's name's David," he said.

'David,' I thought, 'sounds uptight to me.'



FanFic | FanFiction by Autumn Trenton