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Goin Down Part Four

Goin' Down

Part Four: Haven't touched the bottom yet; this river scene is gettin' old, I'm hungry, sleepy, wet and cold

"Any ideas?"

"Nothing. We have nothing to bargain with them, and we don't know where she is. If only the bosun had a parrot. . . ."

Rachel looked at Micky. "Parrot?"

Micky shrugged. "It worked the last time we were on a pirate ship."

"The last time?"

"It was a few years ago when we needed work. We didn't know it was a pirate ship."

Rachel still eyed him. "Oooookay. . . . Anyway, we have nothing to go on."

A shipmate walked by.

"Ho there!" Rachel called to him.

"What did you call me?"

"Nothing, honestly. Do you know where they've got Leiah?"

"Well, she's not in the bosun's closet."

"Great, thanks."

"Yep, now we know where she's not."

"No, Peter, she's there."

"Yeah—you remember the time that Natasha Pavlova-what's-her-face defected to our house and the Druvainian henchmen came over looking for her and we weren't there and you were and you told them that she wasn't in the trunk?"

Peter thought for a moment. "Yeah. How did you know about that?"

"We saw that episode as a rerun last week."

"Oh. Why did you bring it up?"

"Because you said she wasn't in the trunk, but she really was."

"Oh, I get it!"

"Great, Davy, but you got it before."

"Well, yes, but someone had to say it."

"Do you get it, Peter?"

"Yeah, I get it."


"So, where's the bosun's closet?"

Ten minutes later, they were deep in the shipmate's quarters. They had just found the room with a sign proclaiming "Bosun."

"I dunno about this," said Davy.

"Why not?"

"The last time we were on a pirate ship, there were two or three rooms labeled Captain's, but only one of them was."

"Oh, well. I didn't see any others, did you?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Okay. Everyone ready to go in?"


"On the count of three. One . . . two . . . three!" Rachel, Micky, Kattina, Mike, Coralia, Davy and Peter burst into the room.

"Hello, Cap'in." Bosun Kelly was standing in the middle of the room, with the rest of the crew behind him. "Looking for something?"

"Well, uh, yes," stuttered Peter.

"This?" asked the bosun, stepping aside to reveal Autumn, who was standing with her hands tied behind her back.

"Hi guys," she said glumly.

"But the fun is just beginning," said Bosun Kelly. "Just wait until we get on deck."

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