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The "Rubber Duck" Conspiracy

We don't know what to make of this one yet. . . .


posted 26 Apr 2000

Our sources have found these disturbing photos of a Rubber Duck Army amassing!

The Recruits
The Navy
The Admiral

New developments will be posted as they come across our desk!

Our sources have noticed a disturbing trend in photographs of recent presidents.  The culprit:

"Rubber Duck"

It's true.

Our sources--whom we cannot reveal, of course--have not been able to interpret the meaning of this trend yet.

Feel free to look at some of the more blatant examples.

Reagan, Ford, Carter, Nixon (together!)

After the last photograph in this series, it appeared that "Rubber Duck" had gone underground or simply disappeared.

UNTIL . . .

In 1996, our sources were vacationing in Sweden.  They visited a social services home (aka an ORPHANAGE!) where the found a young girl eating . . . of all things . . . cereal!

Yes, you may think:  cereal?  So what?

That's what we thought, too.

Coincidence?  We think not.

Investigations are underway!  We have special agents set up in all of the international hot spots:

Argentina   Boring, OR   Boston, MA  
China Germany Mexico City
Russia Wales Venezuela

And many more--but it would endanger the missions of our other special agents to disclose their locations!

Please, Citizen:  If you should see "Rubber Duck," notify us at once!  We have reason to believe that "Rubber Duck" may be an international agent--and we don't mean one of our guys!  All sightings of "Rubber Duck" should be reported immediately to protect national security! Most of all, it is deeply disturbing that "Rubber Duck" has infiltrated every level of such a nation as Sweden. They were neutral! "Rubber Duck" has no business there--especially not with the children of that nation or any other! Protect our children!

--The Concerned Citizens' Coalition, among others


A special thanks to the folks at and Image Bank. They made all the pictures and photography research possible.

Wait . . . did we just reveal our sources?!