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If you're here, I guess you want to join the Monkees& Beatles FanFic WebRing. There are a few rules and stipulations, of course.
  1. Your site must be partially, mostly, mainly or completely Monkees and/or Beatles fan fiction. [In other words, three or more stories, though it is not mandatory.]
  2. If your site contains anything of "Adult Nature" it must be so labeled.
  3. All submissions are subject to my approval.
  4. Indecies, archives or links to the stories are acceptable.
  5. Crossovers are also exceptable.

If you are already registered with this WebRing, you may edit your site info from here.

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To join the WebRing, first submit your site with this form.

Note: before submitting form, please read through all directions on this page.

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Once you've submitted the site, you must put code onto your site. If you would prefer JPGs, then please use this code. If you would prefer GIFs, then please use this code. To see the GIFs and JPGs, I've put up a page for them. The top two, with a CD background, are the JPGs. The bottom two, with a legal pad background, are the GIFs. Thank you.

After you've done that, I still have to officially introduce your site into the ring. But your work is done. May the force be with you.
--Autumn [feel free to e-mail me if you need help.]

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