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Clone Quotes

From: AutumnTree
Subject: Clone Quotes

Welcome to the Monkeess quotes posts.

>Peter Torkk
"The world is a beautiful place....(no, I'm not going to write that)....(no, but thanks)...(oh, sure)...And I want to walk around to block. That's all."

>Mike Nesmithh
"Shh! We finally got Davy to sleep!...Say some thing?...How bout this? Thanks to Jen for sending us here, it's a great place (ooh, I love that!) . Thanks to Zelda, for continuing the clone business. And her [me] for giving out all those groovy (he picked that up from me) time machines. I'm not gonna say that, I don't want to say that. (I was not prompting him.)"

>Davy Joness
"I don't feel like saying anything. Why not tell them about those dreams you had?...Why didn't you say so?....She never had any dreams....I mean, she did, but....never mind. I'm gonna shut up now."

>Micky Dolenzz
"Oh, I don't wanna....Okay, okay....I just wanna say thank you to my mother, and my father (uh, oh, how many times do I have to teach this guy this?), and my mentors, and the academy--(shut up) whuh? (shut up) why? (just do it) okay...."

OH, dear. OH, dear. OH, dear. Look for an official Monkeess page soon. Maybe.

[AFWD: Look no further]