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nezzie clone git :P

From: Angelito Manansala, more commonly and currently known as Neffie
Subject: nezzie clone git :P

here goes:P

hes a wonderful nez and hes mine all mine
and i paid a damn good price,i ordered from online
he came with wooly hats
and a tremeloed guitar
he tried to get away
but he didnt get too far

why dont you get some nez
i got myself some nez
oh i got nez now you got nez
we got ourselves some nez

he came hot off the press , from jenny's services
i love it lots when he does sing and dreams of blueth skies
too damn hard to get those copies
with those accessories
but pray to good ole jen
i got down on my knees

why dont ya get some nez
jen shells em out like pez
oh i love nez and you love nez
we all just love our nez

ba-da-da beep-bop-bedely-bop-be-da-de da-da-beep-bedely-bop-pop beepba-boo dee-bop-pop-beedeebop-pop ..............

questions comments ...revisions...additions:P:P:P

take a giant step


luv ya lots