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            I was sitting at the kitchen table with Davy, Peter, and Mike eating pancakes I had made for breakfast. These were the the guys my husband Micky and I had lived with in a beach house since we had gotten married a little over a year ago. Micky was taking a shower. I told the guys, "Micky's birthday is two weeks away. It's time to have a meeting about what we'll each get him."
      "When?" asked Peter.
      "Come to the resturant at nine tomorrow."

      "They came together. "How did you get rid of Micky?" I asked.
      "We slipped him some of his knockout pills," Davy answered.
      "I can't believe you guys! Couldn't you have thought of a better way?"
      "No," Peter replied.
      "Anyway, what are y'all getting him?"
      "I already got him something," Davy told me. "A book about physics."
      "He'll love it," I told him. "Where did you get it?"
      "My bedroom. One of the girls I dated last week left it."
      "Oh, well. Mike, what about you?"
      "What about a Texas prairie chicken? Thay're endangered, you know."
      "I know. No." We fell into silence.
      After a minute, Peter said "Hey, aren't you gonna ask me what I got him?" The rest of us cringed, knowing Peter's inadeptness for giving gifts.
      "Uh, sure Peter. What?" Mike ventured.
      "I don't know yet, but thank you for asking."
      "Hey, what about you, M.G.?" Mike asked.
      "I don't know yet, either. I just know I want it to be perfect."
      "I'm sure anything you get'll be perfect to him," Davy assured me.
      "We'd better go soon," Mike warned. "We only put enough drops in his cereal to last about another hour."
      "Later, guys," I said. Then they headed out.
      For several days I thought about what would be the perfect gift. Micky had lots of books. He didn't need anything for his drums. He had enough clothes. I thought a lot about what he would like, but nothing seemed right. I didn't realize how stressful this was for me until I started to get a little sick. When Micky asked what was wrong, I just told him I must have caught something at work.
      Two days before his birthday, I found the perfect gift. I got the guys together and told them.       "What is it?" Peter asked.
      "It's a surprise," I replied.
      "I hope it didn't cost you too much," Mike said.
      "Practically nothing," I assured him.
      On Micky's birthday, I baked him a cake and made us all a wonderful dinner. After we finished eating, I said, "Time for presents!"
      "Let me go first," Peter begged. He handed Micky a wrapped present. Hesitantly, he unopened it. It was an aquarium.
      "Thanks, Pete. But, we don't have any fish."
      "This is in case we ever get some," Peter explained.
      "Me next," Mike said and handed Micky a package. Inside was a stuffed Texas prairie chicken. "They're endangered, you know."
      "I know. Thanks, Mike" Davy handed Micky the wrapped book he had mentioned. Then everyone looked at me. I handed Micky his present, a Beatles record.
      "That's it?" asked Mike. "That's the perfect present?"
      "No," I said. I turned to Micky. "I found you the perfect gift. But you'll have to wait for it. It's not here yet."
      "When will it be here?" he asked. He is not a very patient person.
      "Nine months," I told him.
      "Nine months? That's a long time. What in the world takes nine months to--" He stopped short. "Uhm, M.G.?"
      "Yes, Micky?" I smiled because I knew he knew.
      "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"
      "Yes, Micky." He let out a whoop and gave me a hug. Then he gave the guys a hug. Then the guys gave me a hug.
      "Hey, guys? What's the present?" asked Peter.
      "Oh, Peter. Don't you see? It's a baby!" Davy replied.
      "Really? Wow! Someone else to play with!" Peter exclaimed.
      The guys and I just shook our heads and laughed.

by M. G.


FanFic | FanFiction by Autumn Trenton