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No Time

Part Five: Andy, you're a dandy, you don't seem to make no sense.

They say that people go looking for trouble. Mike tended to agree—perhaps if they just stayed home once in a while, they wouldn't have so many . . . "adventures." But it was Mike who insisted that they go out today—to Gia and Autumn's hotel rooms.

They could hear trouble even while fifteen feet away from Autumn's room.


"Micky, you and Davy see Gia in 304, and Peter and I'll go see what's up with Autumn." Micky and Davy nodded quickly in agreement and turned left a few yards later.

Peter opened the door to Autumn's room—surprisingly unlocked—and grimaced as she slammed the receiver down on the telephone base so hard that the ringer's bell pinged faintly.

"I take it," began Mike, "that the police think somebody burned down your house on purpose."

"Gee," Autumn said sarcastically. "How did you know? Hi, guys. How did you get in here?"

"We just walked in . . . . Shouldn't that door be locked?"

"Yes, it should," Autumn said, angry. She picked up the telephone and called the front desk. "Hello? . . . Why are there no locks on my door? . . . Well, then they don't work. . . . How do I know?! Two long-haired weirdos just walked in my room! . . . Three-fifteen." Autumn hung up. Within one minute, two guards barged in the room. One grabbed Peter by the arm, and the other grabbed Mike.

"Hey!" exclaimed Mike. "What're you doin'?! Let go of us!"

"Thanks, fellas," said Autumn. "You shoulda caught them on the way in."

"Autumn!" exclaimed Peter, astonished.

"Just kidding. Let them go."

"We were told that two long-haired weirdos got in your room somehow. We're here to remove them."

"I didn't say I didn't want the weirdos in my room, I just said they got in. Let them stay."

One guard snapped his fingers dejectedly. "Man, what a drag. We never get to arrest anyone."

"GUARDS!!!" The call came from the hallway. Both guards, Peter, autumn and Mike slowly ambled out the see what was wrong.

Gianna stood in her open doorway, shoving out Davy and Micky, who were trying to explain something, and try to keep from getting arrested. One guard grabbed Micky, the other, Davy.

Micky stopped protesting for a moment. He looked at the guard's hand. "Don't do that." With that, he turned back to Gia.

"Aw, come on, guards. You don't want to arrest these two . . . look, they've absolutely no meat on their bones! What good would it do you to throw them out? I'm sure it wouldn't even exert you in the slightest." Autumn realized she might sound as if she was coming on to them, so she hastily added, "Even I could do it. Why dno't you let them leave the hotel—with their lives?"

"Okay, said one gurad. "All of you out."

Autumn gave Peter a quick kiss. "I'll call you in an hour," she whispered. "I'll tell you all about this whole arson deal. You tell me what's up with Mick and Gia. Okay?"

"'Course," Peter whispered in reply. "You're coming over later, aren't you?"

"You owe me a walk on the beach."

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