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Silla Tork's Cartoon Gallery!

These are links to cartoons by Silla Tork. They were scanned by Autumn Trenton

Peter brave say-um "Peace!"

Swashbuckling Kitty (non-Monkees)

Los Monkees

Los Monkees with less dirt

Full page girl with bun (non-Monkees)

Above picture darkened (non-Monkees)

A dashing young lad who has donned a cape! (non-Monkees)

Above picture after my treatment. (non-Monkees)

Groovy girl (non-Monkees)

Profile of Peter [c. 33 1/3]

Monkees separate with 8-button shirts

Groovy girl with cape (non-Monkees)

The scared Monkees in 8-button shirts

The Monkees and their logo

SuperAnimals! (non-Monkees)

Above pic cropped and/or cleaned (non-Monkees)

Peace kitty (non-Monkees)

Above pic cropped and/or cleaned (non-Monkees)

Dramatic shading job! (non-Monkees)


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