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The Birth Announcement

Presenting the:

Theresa, Esha and Autumn!

The ThrEAkees are eighteen years old. They are a set of three triplets [no, we're a set of 3 twins]. Collectively, they are known as the ThrEAkees, which is pronounced to rhyme with "freak-ees". Individually, they are Theresa, Esha and Autumn, hence the capital letters in their collective name. Theme song will be forthcoming.

Their mother is MommaKay. They are the latest addition of 14 cyber-children.

Nick Names

What do the ThrEAkees call each other? Aside from their names.

  • Trip
  • TripSis
  • TripSissie
  • TripSissies
  • ThrEAkee
  • ThrEAkees

Sure, there's more, but this is a G-rated page!


ThrEAkee Pages

Theresa Autumn Esha


One day, we're going to have to get a picture together!

The Theme For The ThrEAkees [say that three thymes fast]

Parodized by Autumn C. Trenton with apologies to Boyce & Hart

Here we come, scrollin'
down the list.
We make the funniest looks when
There is a post we missed.

Hey, hey, we're the ThrEAkees
People say we Monkee around.
We know that they're right [yeah]
Cuz the list is where we're found.

We sometimes try to be friendly,
But don't knock our Monkee guys.
We are daughters of Mom(ma) Kay,
And this line doesn't rhyme or fit.

Every time you go online
Just look over your e-mail
It will be ThrEAkee time!

Verse 2

Hey, hey we're the ThrEAkees [repeat and fade]

Ex. Verse
Hey, hey, we're the ThrEAkees
You should know where we are found.
So you'd better get ready,
our posts are coming to your account! [extended chords]

More to come! CanYouDigIt or Main