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So, you were at work at the educational film warehouse one day, when something weird happened. The label read

"The Monkees
Property of <insert black smudge here>".

You decide that it would be best to take a ten minute break to ponder this. Someone you don't know hands you a glass of Green Kool-Aid mixed with Ginger Ale. This tastes kinda strange you think.

"Um, miss?," says a familiar voice behind you.

Slowly, you turn around. You were right. "May I help you, Mister Nesmith?"

"Yes. I think something of mine might've been shipped here by mistake."

"Well, what exactly are you missing?" But you aren't really thinking about anything work related. You're mostly concentrating on on the fact that Michael Nesmith is standing in front of you. But it's not Mike Nesmith, but it is, but it's not, but it is. It has to be. He's got the accent, the clothes, the wool hat. He even responded when you called him "Mister Nesmith." But it's the ninties, right? You couldn't tell by staring at Mike. He looked just like he did during the run of the TV show. That was in 1966. He's older now, right? RIGHT?!!!!

As you realize he has to be Mike, you drop your glass of Kool-Aid and Ginger Ale.

I'll never show my face to a Monkee again!
"Oh, Mister Nesmith, could you stay there for just a second? I'd better clean this up."

Are you still wondering about these Monkees? Did you run spell check on that?