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"Oh, dear," you say, kneeling down to clean it up. Bob throws a sponge at you. "Thanks, Bob."

"Let me help you," says Mike, kneeling down, too. Bob tosses another sponge at Mike.

"Thanks again, Bob," you say through clenched teeth. Mike laughs softly. "Oh, and thank you, Mister Nesmith."

"Please, call me Mike."

"Okay, Mike. You said you were looking for something," you say as he helps you stand up.

"Yeah, a film of the Monkees is gone. This is the most likely place for it, I think."

"Actually, you're in luck. I just came across it." You turn around, and look for the film. "I know it's here." But it's not.

"You're sure you saw it?"

"Yes, positive. You caught me during a break I was taking to think about it."

"Well, it doesn't really matter. Let me help you." He begins to help you look.

"You're very helpful, Mike." Just saying his name gives you chills. You glance over at him, and he's smiling at you.

"Ooh! Here it is!"

"Yep, there it is." He takes the film from your hands.

You can't think of anything to say or do. You just stare into his warm, brown eyes.

"What's your name? You already seem to know mine."

After a pause, you remember your name and tell him.

"Would you like you do something?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like go out or something."

Through an amazing act of self-restraint, you keep your jaw from dropping.

Are you kidding? I'd embarrass you AND me.
Let's blow this popsicle stand! Well, after I'm done.

Are you still wondering about these Monkees? Did you run spell check on that?