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"Oh, I would LOVE to!," you gush. Then you remember work."Oh, but I have to work."

"Well, what time do you get off?"

"Oh, in about three more hours."

"I'll get you then."

"No, I have to drop by my house first."

"I'll take you by, then."

"Okay then. See you soon."

"Not soon enough."

The next three hours c-r-a-w-l by until Mike returns.

"Hiya Mike!"

"Hey, babe." You pause, but get in the car. The Monkeemobile.

"So, what are we doing tonight, Mike?"

"I don't have everything planned, but I talked my roommates out of the pad for the evening."

"Oh, you mean Davy, Micky and Peter."

"Have I met you before?"

"No. I'm sort of a...psychic, I guess you could say."

"Oh. That's pretty groovy."

"Yeah. Take this right. Turn left. It's the third driveway on the left."

"Here we are."

"Do you want to come in?"


"It might take a little while."

"That's okay, I'll wait."

You hurry as fast as you can to get ready, but Mike is still waiting patiently after twenty minutes. And at half an hour. Finally, you reappear after Mike's been sitting there for forty-five minutes. You've tried on every outfit you own, until you found something absolutely perfect. Then you spent fifteen minutes on hair and makeup. Convinced that you couldn't look any better, you return to the living room where Mike had been waiting. He beems at you as he escorts you to the car.

After a romantic candlelight dinner, you gather up all your courage and lean over closer to Mike. You close your eyes as you kiss him softly. He kisses you back.

Mike gazes into your eyes. "Will you marry me?"

"That's a little sudden," you say.

"It's only a half-hour show."

"Right. Well, Mike, since this can't just be 'To Be Continued...',

Yes! Yes! Yes!"
I'm sorry, Mike, but I have to go home."

Are you still wondering about these Monkees? Did you run spell check on that?