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Tour Dates
All our dates that were previously listed here for Micky, Davy and Peter in MI and Austrailia have been


Bobby Sherman, Peter Noone and David jones [yes, that's Davy] are going to be on a Teen Idols Tour in the summer of 1998. No, this wasn't just a gag for the Billboard Music awards. So far, the tour is set for June, July and August of this year. A few dates have been published by Maggie [please see listing for Monkee Business Fanzine below]

Teen Idols Tour
DatePlaceOther Info
June 17, 1998 The Grandstand, Burlington, IAnone as of 1-24-98
July 5, 1998 HersheyPark Amphitheatre, Hershey, PAnone as of 1-24-98
July 11, 1998 Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KYnone as of 1-24-98
July 21, 1998 Arlington Theatre, Costa Mesa, CAnone as of 1-24-98
July 30, 1998 Isle of Capri Casino, West Lake, LAnone as of 1-24-98
July 31, 1998 Isle of Capri Casino, Bossier City, LAnone as of 1-24-98
August 1, 1998 Isle of Capri Casino, Biloxi, MSnone as of 1-24-98
August 8, 1998 Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZnone as of 1-24-98
August 14, 1998 The Deltaplex, Grand Rapids, MNnone as of 1-24-98
August 15, 1998 Rosemont Theatre, Rosemont, ILnone as of 1-24-98
August 21, 1998 The Palace Theatre, Myrtle Beach, VAnone as of 1-24-98


Thanks to Maggie of Monkee Business Fanzine and Kimberly!
Date Location Contact for Tickets
December 22 Boise State University, Boise, ID 208-385-1766
Jan. 27 & 28, 1998Kewadis Casino, Sault Ste. Marie, MI906-632-0530
March 5-6-7-8, 1998 Melbourne Casino, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA[unknown]
March 10-11, 1998Southport RSL, Southport, AUSTRALIA[unknown]
March 13, 1998Fairfield RSL, Sydney, AUSTRALIA[unknown]
March 14, 1998Rooty Hill RSL, Sydney, AUSTRALIA[unknown]
March 16, 1998Wellington Town Hall, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND[unknown]

Also: David Jones, along with Peter Noone and Bobby Sherman, will be doing a Teen Idol tour, beginning in June of 1998 in CA.

And: Peter Tork has announced that there will be a "big" US tour in 1999.

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