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Vietnam Pictures

Okay, here are the pictures. In addition to the "I-feel-like-I'm-fixin'-to-die Rag" by Country Joe and the Fish, you could also use "War" by Edwin Starr. I'm not sure what portion of the song appears on Amazon, but I'm guessing it starts at the beginning, which will work well..

Injured Marines evacuating Hue

An artillery barrage triggers a secondary explosion in the ammo dumps

The New York Times reveals a troop increase.

Reburying the victims of the Hue massacre

LBJ inspecting the troops before departure

An NVA soldier half buried in a shell crater (he is NOT headless)

A Marine on edge

On the road to Khe Sanh

Dawn at Khe Sanh

Vietnam Quotations

Quotations in the same book. Sorry for any typos

The enemy was supported not only by the usuall rockets and mortars but also modern artillery up to and including 130MM guns and the 152MM gun howitzer. This was the only place in Vietnam where the enemy was equipped with artillery. . . . WE were never able to silence [it]. Gen. Rathvon McC. Tompkins, commander, 3d Marine Division

They were hitting us with rockets, day after day, after day. All we could do was take it, and call in close air support. They wouldn't let us go after them. Corporal William Huston

Being in Khe Sanh is like sitting in an electric chair and waiting for someone to pull the switch. Airman 2d Class Allen Belcher

We huddled together in the bunker, shoudlers high an dnecks pulled in to leave no space between helmet and flak jacket. There is no describing an artillery barrage. THe earth shakes, clods of dirt fall from the ceiling, and shrapnel makes a repulsive singing through the air. Newsweek reporter John Donnelly

Some of our guys have to be out in the open, even when the incoming is heavy. THey ahve to make sure the ammo gets to the guns so we can fire back. That's the trouble. Staff Sgt. Sam Pearson

Everything I see is blown through with smoke, everything is on fire everywhere. It doesn't matter that memory distorts; every image, every sound comes back out of smoke and the smell of things burning. journalist Michael Herr

You never know when it's coming, so why worry about it. If it's got your name on it, you won't know what hit you anyway. unidentified marine at Khe Sanh

We didn't know from day to day what was going to happen. We never asked ourselves, "Why didn't they come in?" WE didn't want to know why they didn't. Lance Corporal Robert Houck


Hope you can use some of these!