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"In our spare time, we're Greek!"

So you really want to know about me? My name is Autumn Trenton or Autumn P. Torkorgana. I have many nicknames, including Jordee (don't ask), AutumnCuz, AutumnTripSis, AutumnSis, Campy Aide, CCLO, and STE.

I was born on 2 April 1983, which is 4-2-83 in American notation, which is the same as my GeoCities "street number" is 4283. [I also have another address at SoHo/Gallery/1966. 1966 is the year the Monkees first aired.] Anyway, that makes me sixteen (going on seventeen). I'm the oldest of four daughters.

I live in Durham, North Carolina, USA. It's a nice place to visit, or at least where I live. . . . But not interesting, so no need to bother visiting.

I am in the tenth grade at Hillside High School, where I am taking classes that are preparing me to enter the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

My favorite band is, of course, the Monkees. I am on the Monkees Mailing List.

Here in NC, some of my friends include Jax/Jaclyn, Anna, Kenny, Susan, Mariel, Andrea, Heidi, Melissa, Kenny, Emile and Andrew. Outside of this state, my friends include Erin, and Alli [Ben-Ali!]. On the aforementioned Monkees Mailing List, my c-fam consists of my mom, MommaKay, 21 or 22 sisters [including 2 of a set of triplets, I'm the third triplet], a brother, and I think a niece, as well as a whole lot of aunts and cousins. It's really one big, happy family. I hope everyone can find great online friends as I have!


I was a cute baby! [16K]
I ate a lot. [27K]
My family and me. I'm the one standing. [50K]
Me now. [I don't know the file size] This is a different one that I added on Jan. 30, 1998. It's a collage of pictures of me from a photo session with my sister and me. They were all taken December 19, 1997 by Jaime Franklin.

Stay groovy!
--Autumn Trenton Back | My Fanfic