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Clone Status report

From: AutumnTree Newsgroups:

<>Peter Torkk
Age: Claims to be 8 days old.
Wants: To go downstairs; Something to do or read.
Needs: More space, plywood
Disposition: OKay
Favorite Food: Lettuce Favorite Monkee: Orangutan
Remarks: "Hi. I'm Peter. I'm bored. But I'm glad to be out."

<>Mike Nesmithh
Age: Claims to be 7 and 58/59th days old.
Wants: To go outside; More sheet music
Needs: More fans (electric preferable).
Disposition: Okay
Favorite Food: Lettuce
Favorite Monkee: "I dunno, but that littlest girl downstairs sure acts like one." ("He's right, you know.")
Remarks: "Hi. I'm Mike. She [me] has 2 annoying little sisters. The other one's real nice. She [me] is, too."

<>Davy Joness (I know it looks like Jonas, but I had to continue the trend.)
Age: Claims to be 4 days old.
Wants: To be free; More bored--I mean board--games.
Needs: More sheetrock.
Disposition: Fine
Fave Food: Lettuce (for Pete's sake, what did I buy here? Rabbit clones?)
Fave Monkee: Himself
Remarks: "Hi. I'm Davy. Save me! Save me! Help! Mike!"
That's enough of that. Back up the stairs. That's right, put on the white jacket with long arms. Be good now. ( I think he might be defective. )

<>Micky Dolenzz
Age: Claims to be 58 months, 6 days, 2 hours, 8 minutes, and 24 sec...25 sec...26 sec...
Wants: More room; To watch her [my] new videos.
Needs: More room; More food
Disposition: [no comment]
Fave food: Carrots (at least he didn't say lettuce)
Fave Monkee: "I dunno, but it's a toss up between the music group and the TV show. Isn't that a strange coincidence, how much the guys on the show are like us, and that the show and the music group have the same name?" (I could've sworn I taught you people this already...)
Remarks: "Hi. I'm Micky. I'm pretty happy. This place is better than being taped to a wall. And I changed my mind. My favorite food is lettuce." *rolls eyes*

Okay you guys, today's lesson is on The Monkees: 60s band and TV show, and template for clones.

Have fun everyone

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