The Adventures of the Millenium Monkee: Part 1

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Well, for all of you out there who are members of the Millenium Monkee, or regular Monkee and Star Wars fans, I hope you like this.

Remember, this is a story, all Monkee and Star Wars characters, references and such are here for your enjoyment. If I make any mistakes, don't make a big deal out of it. This story is for fun. Its based on the names of the Millenium Monkee members, Monkee episdoes, Star Wars, and anything else I threw in.

And lastly i wish to give special thanks to my best friend Mina Nezwalker (aka Mina-Clare Moseley) without whose help, I would not be able to write this.
Thanks. Now to the story

P.S When ever the characters call out to Justin, their talking to ME, the writer. my replies and Mina's are in these {} brackets

Justin Torkwalker walked into the dark meeting room in the bowels of Anchorhead on Tatooine. He called out, "Are you here Mystery Voice?"

"Yes," replies the Mystery Voice. "I have the message from your brother."

A hand reaches out of the shadows, and in it is . . . a fortune cookie.

"A Fortune Cookie?!?!?!" he replies "Hey! JUSTIN!"
{What is it?}
"Why does my brother send me a message in a Fortune Cookie!?!?"
{Didn't you ever see Monkee Chow Mein?}
"Oh yeah! . . . Sorry," says Justin Torkwalker.
{No lets continue}
Justin Torkwalker opens it, and reads the message as he chews the cookie.

      Dear Justin,
          I'm being held prisoner by Darth Kirshner on the Darth Star. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

               Peace, Love and Good Music,                Your brother,

                         Peter Torkwalker

"Great!" says Justin with his mouth full of cookie. "I'll need some help if I'm going to save him."

After a quick comlink call, Justin headed to Mos Eisely.


Justin Torkwalker entered the dim, crowded and sometimes smelly Mos Eisely Cantina. The place was known across the galaxy as the most retched hive of scum and villians, and it was rumored the drinks were watered down. But the bands who played were the best around.

Anyway, Justin had come here to meet a old friend, Captian Joanne Blessing, owner of the greatest ship in the galaxy, the Millenium Monkee.

"Justin!.....over here!" She called to him from a seat in the back. Justin nods and heads through the crowd.

The two former shipmates hug and exchange helloes. As Justin sits, Joanne orders some drinks and the Jolly Green Giants play behind them.

"So . . . what's up?" she asks.

"I need your help. Peter has captured by Darth Kirshner."

"Of course . . . have you heard what Darth's up to?" Joanne replies.

"Yeah . . . he plans to destroy all music in the galaxy he doesn't like."

Justin and Joanne exchange funny looks, and then yell out "HEY JUSTIN!"
{Now What!?}
"That is the STUPIDEST thing we have EVER heard!!" Joanne says.
{Give me a break guys! I'm just the writer! Its the best idea I could come up with, so just go with it, ok?}
"Fine," says Justin Torkwalker. "Anyway, Joanne, we can't do it alone, we need to get some help . . . do you think Mina and Mike Nezwalker can help?"

"I don't know . . ." replies Joanne. "The two are on their HONEYMOON," she said with distaste in her voice. Justin shook his head, she was still mad Mina had gotten Mike.

"Well," Justin says "Peter and the universe need saving. . . . Honeymoon or not . . . we need them."

"I know where they are. . . . Let's go!" says Joanne, who couldn't wait to see the look on Mina's face. . . .


In a small, remote hut in the Judland Wastes, lay the home of Mina and Mike Nezwalker, the newly married couple were sharing a . . . private moment . . . on the couch.

"Oh Mike. . . . I've waited for this day for sooo long!" Mina says, and kisses him.

"Me, too, love. . . . I've been patient . . . now . . . are you ready?," Mike asked.

"Since the day I said, 'I love you,'" Mina replied. The two started to kiss and grope and . . . well, you get the picture. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"[Hey! I'm not putting that on my site!]! . . ." says Mike. "Who is it?" he called out.

"It's Justin Torkwalker and Joanne Blessing . . . Mike . . . Mina . . . we need your help," said Justin.

"WE'RE BUSY!" Mina replies, and kisses Mike again.

"But Peter is in danger!!" said Joanne.

"So's the Universe . . . we need you."

"Can't it wait?!" cried Mina.

"NO!!!!" replied Justin and Joanne.

"Fine," says Mike, who opened the door.

"We'll come."
{Hold on a second, Justin.}
{What's the problem, Mina?}
{Why are you having me and Mike's honeymoon get cut sooo short!?}
{Sorry Mina, it's part of the plot . . . you and Mike will have plenty of time after the story is over.}
{Oh . . . alright}
"Give us a few mintues," Mike asked.

Mina came up to Mike and said, "Lover . . . this isn't fair!"

"I know . . . but we have a job to do . . . I'll grab the Nezsabers." He gave Mina a kiss, which made her happy.

"Sorry about this, Mina," said Justin.

"It's alright Justin. . . . Peter's in danger and were always here for ya."

"Thanks," The two friends hugged.

"Let's get moving! We have a long way to go," said Joanne.

The Millenium Monkee was parked outside, Nezdispenser was still in the cargo hold listening to his CD's when they got back on board. Just giving a nod hello to them all as they came in.<----I don't get this sentence, but that's just me.

"Does Nezdispenser have this piece of junk working good?" asked Mike.

"This 'Piece of Junk' is working just fine," said Joanne with a frown.

"So . . . where to first?" asked Mina, who was holding on to Mike's arm.

"We have to get some more people," said Justin. "Next stop, Bespin."

The Millenium Monkee took off, blasting "I'm a Believer" as it jumped into hyperspace.


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