The Adventures of the Millenium Monkee:Part 2

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Well, it took me long enough, but at last for your reading pleasure is Part 2 of The Millenium Monkee Adventure.

Remember, this is a story, all Monkee and Star Wars characters, references and such are here for your enjoyment. If I make any mistakes, don't make a big deal out of it. This story is for fun. Its based on the names of the Millenium Monkee members, Monkee episdoes, Star Wars, and anything else I threw in. So read, laugh and enjoy!

{Last time, Justin Torkwalker found out his brother, Peter Torkwalker is being held prisoner by the evil Darth Kirshner. Along with his old friends Capt. Joanne Blessing, Mina and Mike Nezwalker, and Nezdispenser, set off in the Millenium Monkee to find some more help in rescuing Peter Torkwalker}


On the Planet Bespin, floated the beautiful Cloud City, home to a very lucrative gas mine as some of the best night clubs and comedy bars in the galaxy. Lisa Dolenzolo and Rachel Dolenzwalker were lounged outisde at the Copa Cabana. They had come to see Micky Dolenz, the legendary singer, perform at the club.

"Isn't this great?!" said Lisa. "I never thought we would get to see him perform!"

"I know!," said Rachel, who was eating a veggie salad. "I can't wait. He hasn't performed in a long time, not since . . . the band disbanded."

Many humans and aliens of all shapes and sizes had come to see the performance.

As they were being served their fruit drinks, a very familiar blond haired man comes up to the girls and said, "Excuse me . . . but could you tell me were The Lucas Bar is? . . . I'm looking for my friend, George."

"Um . . . it's down on level 77, 1 floor from here," said Lisa.

"Say . . . you look familiar. What's your name?" asked Rachel.

"Mark," he said. "And thanks."

As he left, Lisa said, "He sure looked familiar."

They were preparing the stage, and someone near them shouted, "LOOK! . . . IT'S MICKY FROM THE SECOND SEASON!!"

"No!" said someone else, "That's only Chewbacca!"

Just then, Justin, Joanne, Mina and Mike walked up to Lisa and Rachel.

"Justin! Mina! Mike! Joanne! . . . It's so good to see you again!," said Lisa and Rachel to Mina. They exchanged hugs.

"Guys . . . we need your help," said Mina.

"What's up?" asked Rachel.

"Peter has been captured by Darth Kirshner. We're going to rescue him and stop Darth from ruining good music everywhere," Justin said.

"Count us in," said Lisa.

"Why are you guys here, anyway?" asked Joanne.

"To see Micky perform," they replied.

"Hey! . . . Maybe we can get Micky to come with us!" said Mina.

"I don't know," said Mike. "He might not be up to it."

Just then, Micky headed out for the stage.

"IT'S CHEWBACCA!!" screamed someone in the front row.

"NO! . . . THAT'S MICKY!!," someone shouted back.

Mickt got up on stage to a loud applause. He sang some of his greatest songs. The Gang [There are gangs on Bespin? I thought they were only downtown. . . . Sorry, sometimes, you just gotta wisecrack. Micky understands.] listened and cheered when it was over. Micky had a dynamite performance.

In his dressing room, Micky ran into the gang. [Ow.]P> "MIKE!" said Micky. He and Mike exchanged hugs. [What is it with you people and hugging?] "It's been too long. Are you and Mina . . . ?"

"Yup, just the other day."

"I'm happy for you both."

"Listen, Mick . . . Peter is in trouble, Kirshner has him. We're going to rescue him. . . . Want to come along, for old times sake?"

"I don't know," said Micky. "I have more performances and. . . ."

"Please Micky," said Justin. "We need you with us."

Micky thought about it and said, "Ah . . . what the [censored—I'm strict, I know] . . . Peter in danger . . . hard odds for a rescue. Sounds like fun," said Micky. [Sounds like Han.]

Micky met Mike, Mina, Joanne, Lisa, Rachel, and Justin at the Millenium Monkee. Nezdispenser had her running well and they took off. While in hyperspace, the speaker system played "(I'm Not Your) Steppin Stone." Micky caught up on old times.

Rachel joined Joanne and Justin in the cockpit.

"Don't touch anything," said Joanne.

But Rachel started to fiddle. Without warning, an alarm sounds and the ship began to rock! [I thought it was pretty cool before, too.]

"WHAT DID YOU DO?!" said everyone else as they entered the cockpit.

"IT WASN'T ME!" said Rachel.

"She's right!" said Justin. "We hit a hyperspace filliment!! We're out of control!"

The ship exited hyperspace over a swamp like planet.

"We're going to crash! . . . All systems are dead!!," said Joanne. "HANG ON!!"

Everyone got into their seats and prepared for a crash landing as the Millenium Monkee streaked [What?!] toward the surface of the mysterious planet below. . . .


Will the crew of the Millenium Monkee survive?! Of course they will, or else the story would be over! So you'll just have to wait and see what happens in "The Adventures of the Millenium Monkee Part 3," which will be out soon.

see you all around

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