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Gonna Buy Me a Dog

Song by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart

You know my girl just called me up
And she woke me from my sleep
You should have heard the things she said
You know she hurt my feelings deep.
I'm gonna buy me a dog [A dog, a dog! Why?]
'Cause I need a friend now. [Baby, you need all the friends you can get]
I'm gonna buy me a dog,
My girl, my girl, don't love me no how.

She used to bring me my newspaper
'Cause she knew where it was at.
She used to keep me so contented.
But I can teach a dog to do that.
I'm gonna buy me a dog,
'Cause I need a friend now
I'm gonna buy me a dog,
My girl, my girl, don't love me no how.

Story by Autumn Trenton

Part One: You know my girl just called me up


"Whatever happened to hello?"

"Who is this?"


"Oh, sorry. Can I talk to Micky?"

"Sure, hold on. . . . Micky, phone."

"Who is it?"

"Rachel, probably."


"Whatever happened to hello?"

"Hi, Rachel."

"Hey, Micky. Listen, I'm sorry about what happened with Gia last night—"

"It's not your fault."

"I know, but I'm going to blame myself until I apologize to someone."

"Don't beat yourself up over it."

"I'll try not to." Lael interrupted Rachel's phone call. "Hold on for a sec, Micky. . . . What is it, Lael?"

"Autumn's yelling for you to get off the phone with the guys, she needs to talk to Micky."

"Oh, okay. . . . Micky, you there?"


"I gotta go, Autumn wants to talk to you."

"Okay. Bye."

"Be good."

Micky hung up, and jumped slightly when the phone rang under his hand. He picked up the receiver again. "What do you want now, Autumn?"

"If you don't cut it out, I'll tell Dad."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Would so."

"What is it that you were calling about?"

"Oh, I need some help with some errands tonight."

"Why're you asking me to help you?"

"We need to talk."

"Uh oh. What did I do this time?"

"I think you know. If you don't, you will soon enough."


Micky was extremely worried. Autumn was probably going to chew him out. She could be very good at guilt trips. "Oh well," Micky sighed to no one but himself. He turned off the car, got out, and entered the hotel.

"Autumn, before we go—"

"Micky, I'm in a bit of a hurry. Tell me in the car."


Autumn hurried out to the car, but took time to thank and tip the doorman.

"Okay, Mick, I lied," Autumn said once she reached her car. "I just didn't want to talk in the lobby of The Four Seasons."

"That's okay. I just wanted to say, 'Please don't yell.'"

Autumn laughed. "Oh, Micky," she said—using the same tone as Micky did when he said, "No, Peter." Autumn tossed Micky her keys and got in the car. Micky did the same.

"Well?" he asked expectantly.

"Well what?"

"When are you gonna lecture me?"

"Sometime after you start the car and before you stop it."

"Oh." Micky started the car. "Where to?"

"I need to go to the post and newspaper offices before they close, so let's hit them first."

Autumn didn't even take a reproachful tone as the conversation remained light en route to the post office and newspaper—both to restart delivery. After they left the paper office, it already was getting dark. When they got back in the car, Autumn sighed. "Now, I gotta go see my parents."

"What about?"

"Oh, just your usual two month update. Micky, I can't believe I'm graduating in a few days . . . which means I won't be living in Gia's house any more."

"Why not?"

"I'm coming into my inheritance."


"My own house."


"Anyway, we're here to talk about you."

Here it comes.

"Micky, I know you've made you choice, but I don't know what it is—and I don't want to know."


"I know someone had to get hurt—I don't want to know who."


Micky stopped at the red light, which gave him the perfect opportunity to turn his full attention to the lecture—oh, goodie.

"Micky, what I really want to tell you is I'm sorry. Through protecting my other friends, I forgot about the one who probably had it the toughest. I forgot about the one who was my friend first. I forgot about ya, Mick. I'm sorry."

Micky was pondering her apology. He hadn't thought about their friendship much lately—too busy with his own problems.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Autumn's voice registered. "The light's green. Don't forget to turn right."

Micky took his foot off the brake and turned the steering wheel, but something—






Micky snapped out of his thoughts. He hadn't turned the car enough, and how it was too late. Micky was suddenly and violently pushed to the left. His head hit the window just before he realized what Autumn had done—she'd thrown herself across him and turned the steering wheel. With the sound of shattering glass and the grinding of metal, the passengar side of the car slammed into the brick wall it had been headed for.



"Do we go home or to the hospital?"

"Home. But first, we get out." Micky's door was still in fine shape, so they made their exit through his door. Micky was surveying the damage when Autumn erupted into hilarious laughter.


"We just crashed into my car insurance office."

Gonna Buy Me a Dog Part Two

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