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My Fan Fiction!

Many of the stories on these pages are works in progress. It would probably take me a week of sick days to finish my story, and I can't speak for others.

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All stories belonging to others are credited as such on this page. They have been edited for format, grammar, continutity, spelling [a little] and flow while I was formatting them. Many thanks to CircleSky and Justin for their assistance in page design.

Good Clean Fun

by CircleSky

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V
Part VI Part VII Part VIII Part IX Part X
Part XI Part XII Part XIII Part XIV Part XV
Part XVI Part XVII Part XVIII Part XIX Part XX
Note: There are more parts which I have not yet begun to format. Work on those is soon to be under way!

The M. G. Collection

by M. G.

Note: These are not in chronological order.
Story 1 Story 2 Story 3
Story 4 Story 5 Story 6
Story 7 Story 8 Story 9

Secondary note: There are other stories which I will try to get from M. G.

The Adventures of the Millenium Monkee

by Justin Toner, aka Justin Torkwalker

Part 1
Part 2

Note: No further known parts exist. . . .

The Mme Webster Collection

by Mme Webster
Story 1
Story 2

Note: In progress for this collection: obtaining copies of the other stories. Mme Webster?! If you're within the sound of my voice, please e-mail me ASAP, I had a computer crash a while ago and lost your stories. If you're not within the sound of my voice . . . then what the blazes am I typing about?

Remote Control

Co-Written by Autumn and Rachel [the one the Micky story was written for.]

Choose your own Monkee! by Autumn Trenton (Me—this is classified for use by all, even if they don't want to read my other stories.)

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Each work is credited to its author and copyright of its author (©1997 & 1998). No works on this page may be copied without express written consent from the author. And, as always, please don't sue any of us!

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Special thanks to RachelSis for formatting the window in such a lovely manner and Barb for creating the lovely graphics!

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Last updated on 19 March 1999