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Good Clean Fun

Part XIX

"What's going on here?!?!" Michael demanded.

"Oh, Michael! What does it look like? They were just kissing," Phyllis said calmly.

I was blushing and so was Davy. We just stood there while Michael and Phyllis argued about my and Davy's kissing while they weren't at home.

Interrupting the arguing I said, "Michael, he just came over to comfort me. He was concerned about my headache."

Nothing was said after that. Davy left to get ready for our date. After he left, I headed upstairs to do the same. I was all ready except for putting my makeup on when I heard a knock at the door.

"Come in," I said. It was Michael.

"Cari," he said," I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier. I should've known that you and Davy weren't fooling around in my house when I was gone."

With a smile I said, "Don't give it another thought, Michael. It's O. K." He smiled, patted me on the shoulder, and then left. Davy arrived a half-hour later to pick me up.

We had such fun that night. He took all over L. A., Beverly Hills, and around the "valley" to show me everything I had asked him to on our first date. Every night thereafter for the next two weeks, I had a date with him. We were together during the day and the evening. One day on the set, he threw me into the ocean. I got him back by putting sand down his back right before a scene. He had to shoot the scene with the sand in his shirt! During the night, he held me in his arms by the moonlight.

But like all goods things, this would come to an end too. Moving day arrived. I had to move out of Michael's and Phyllis's house to a dorm on the UCLA campus. I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay with the Nesmiths and be with Davy all day long. But, I had to go to college. That's what I came out here for, right?

Michael and Davy helped me pack up all my stuff and load it into Michael's truck. Davy also came with me and Michael to help me unpack and get settled into my dorm. We arrived at my dorm about three in the afternoon. There were people provided by the university to help new students move in. Politely I told them that wouldn't be necessary. I also met my house-mother. Boy! Was she a toughie!! She watched Michael and Davy like a hawk. Every move they made-- she knew of it.

Two other girls were already in my room-- they were my roommates. One was a red-head, the other a blond. The blond introduced herself as, "Olivia Miles." and the redhead's name was, "Judith Myers." I introduced myself and Michael and Davy as they brought my things into the door. Olivia's eyes popped out of her head when she saw Davy. She walked right past me and headed straight for Davy.

"I'm Olivia Miles," she said in a sexy voice.

"Yes, I know. Cari just introduced us," Davy said puzzled.

I was fuming!!! What nerve!!! Then, she extended her hand out and said, "Have you seen the campus? It's quite lovely. I could take you on a tour, if you'd like," she said just like a purring cat. Michael had to stifle a giggle.

Davy returned her handshake and then replied, "Thank you, but Cari is going to take me on a tour." He put his arm around me which made me feel a little better. He told both women tht is was nice to have met them and told them good-bye. With that, we left for our little tour.

When we got outside, I started ranting and raving about Olivia. Davy stopped walking and said, "Hush. It's not important. Just forget about her."

I showed both Davy and Michael the campus. The tour took what seemed like forever, but Michael told us that he had to get home. Phyllis was expecting him for dinner.

I walked hand-in-hand with Davy to Michael's truck. "Good luck with your first day of school tommorrow," Davy said softly.

"Thanks," I said half-heartedly.

"Oh now, Cari. I'm going to call you tonight when I get home and tomorrow night when I get home from the studio. Plus, I'll see you in two days," he said reassuredly.

Two days was like an eternity for me since I'd seen him every day and night for the past two weeks. "I know, but I'm going to miss you," I said.

"I'm going to miss you too," he said as he hugged me. I held him very tightly. I let go after I heard Michael clear his throat.

Davy put his arms around me and kissed me. All I could think of was how I didn't want this moment to end--ever!! Yet it did. Michael told me good-bye by saying, "Well, little britches, you behave now. You hear?" I hugged him and told him goodbye.

I watched as Michael's truck drove out of sight. I turned around to head back to my dorm room when I looked up at the window of my room and noticed someone standing there.

It was Olivia.


FanFic | FanFiction by Autumn Trenton