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Good Clean Fun

Part XX

This is not the way I wanted Part XX to end up, but I owe you guys this and you've been waiting a long time. So here it is...

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

I tried to act as though I hadn't seen her, but she knew I had. She looked down at me with a snide grin. I started back to my room. Dreading the inquisition from Olivia, I took about five minutes to get up the stairs.

Walking through the door, I saw Olivia sitting on her bed laughing to herself. She leaped up as soon as I walked set foot in the room.

"Is that your boyfriend?" She asked purring like a cat.

Davy and I had only been dating for a short period of time--I really hadn't thought about the status of our relationship. "Yeah, I guess," I said as I sat down on my bed.

"I asked you a 'Yes.' or 'No.' question-- not a 'Yeah, I guess.' question. Is he or isn't he?" She demanded.

I was determined not to let her get to me. Calmly I said, "We've only been dating for a little while."

She walked over to me, looked down in my face, and asked, "Cari, do you understand English?! I asked you, 'Is he your boyfriend?!'"

I stood up and looked her right square in the face. I shouted, "Yes, he is my boyfriend! Now would you leave me the hell alone?!"

Obviously no one had ever spoken to her in that manner because she dropped her mouth open and was speechless. She backed away from me and left the room.

Judith came over to me and said, "She's such a bitch. Are you okay?" I smiled and said,

"Yeah, I am now." She sat down and we started to talk. She was barely eighteen, had auburn hair that shined in the sun, an economics major and slightly chubby. This was her first time away from home too. We talked until the phone rang--it was Davy.

He and I talked for almost two hours. I told him what Olivia had done when I got back into the room. He told me to never pay her any mind. She wasn't worth it. He made me feel a lot better and made me miss him more--if that was possible. I told him good-bye as Olivia walked through the door.

"Who was that?" She asked.

"Davy, my boyfriend," I growled. Pale would've been a good word to describe her after I said that. She picked up a few of her things and headed toward the shower room.

Judith and I started laughing. We talked so more mostly about boys until I feel asleep. I was awakened about four o'clock to the sound of Olivia sneaking in. I just stayed motionless as hse tippy-toed toward her bed.

Where could she have been? She hadn't even gotten back from taking a shower before I fell asleep. How had she slipped by the house-mother? I don't remember trying to answer those questions because the next thing I knew the alarm was going off.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

I got up and got dressed. Judith was already up. She was nervous about the first day of classes. I reassured her that there was nothing to be nervous about. We went to breakfast together leaving Olivia still asleep in her bed.

I said good-bye to Judith after breakfast starting the day that would seem as though it would never end. I had classes, a meeting with my advisor, more classes, and more meetings with professors. My advisor wanted a lengthy paper on my internship at the end of the semester.

The day finally endedas I managed to pull myself up the stairs then collapsing upon my bed in my dorm room.

"Did we have a hard day?" Olivia asked sarcastically. I looked up from my pillow. She still had on the same clothes from the day before!

"Where have you been?" I asked.

"Cari, are we going to go through this again? I asked you a question--you answer it!" She demanded.

Just as I was about to tell her to piss off, Judith walked in. She must have sensed the tension between us, so she pulled me off to dinner. I finally had a chance to gather my thoughts--Davy...Oh Davy!! I couldn't wait for him to call. His voice was just what I needed.

Judith and I left the dining hall and skipped like we were little girls back to our dorm room. She was alot like me; we both wanted more than what others had planned for us.

We arrived at the room to find Olivia with tall, brown-haired man. "Well, aren't you going to introduce us?" Judith inquired. Olivia just rolled her eyes and turned away. Her beau, however, took the iniative and introduced himself.

"I'm Jim. Jim Morrison," he said.


How's that for a cliffhanger?! I hope that was worth waiting for! Thanks to everyone for their patience. This is the last of GCF until I get through with the first installment of the MonkeeWomen saga.


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