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Good Clean Fun

Part VI

For the rest of the summer, I spent daydreaming about Michael. I knew that he was married and would probably never give a young girl like me a second thought, but he had intrigued me. He said things I had never heard, thoughts thoughts I never had dreamed about. I guess that would leave an impression on a seventeen year old who had never thought anything different from what her father had thought.

After leaving L. A., all I could talk about was college. My parents were probably glad that I was leaving. At least they wouldn't have to hear about my internship anymore! The weeks dragged on and on, until July 31st arrived. I had packed weeks before, so I was ready to go!

The next day my parents took me to the airport two hours before my flight was to leave. During that two hours I had at least 107 lectures about not talking to strange men, not excepting any rides, not to take anything from anybody. Finally it was time for me to board. My mother cried and cried. My father was hugging me so tight, I thought my ribs were gonna break. I was gonna miss them, but I wasn't really upset at leaving. I was so excited about seeing Michael again and working on a tv show set.

I boarded the plane and took my seat. It was such a long flight. I was sitting by this man who kept talking about his kids-- three little, ugly brats. Finally, the flight was over. It was five p.m. in California-- the same time it was in New York when I left! I had to get used to this time thing!!!

Michael and Phyllis were waiting for me at the airport. Michael still had that wool hat on. It was eighty degrees, and he was wearing a wool hat!!! But he was still as handsome as ever. The two helped me get my luggage and we were off. They decided to take me out to dinner as a way of welcoming me into their home. But Christian wasn't with them.

"Where's little Christian?" I asked.

"Oh, he's with my mother," said Michael.

"In Texas?!" I interjected.

"No silly. She's visiting us until tomorrow when she goes back to Texas," he said.

"Oh," I said.

We went to a nice little Italian restaurant in west L. A. I ate sooo much food. Michael still fascinated me. He was a big tease today; flirting with me and winking at me. I tried not to take it to heart, but I did. Phyllis just thought it was the funniest thing. I couldn't believe it! Here's her husband flirting with a young girl-- right in front of her!

We left the restaurant and went to the Nesmith home. Phyllis helped me get settled in by helping me unpack. She also showed me where everything was in the kitchen, bathroom, and in Christian's room. The phone rang. It was one of the actors who was going to be in the show. He was going to come over so that he and Michael could get to know one another better.

"Which one was that?!" I yelled downstairs.

"Oh, that was Micky!" Yelled Michael.

"Is that the English guy or the bass player?" I yelled.

"Come on downstairs so that I don't have to shout!" He yelled.

I came downstairs and he told me that Micky was the actor who was gonna play the drums. Michael told me that if I wanted to I could come down and meet him when he came over. I thought, "Anything to spend more time with you, Michael."

Just then, the doorbell rang.



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