Tear the Top Right Off My Head
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Tear the Top Right Off My Head

"Well, let's see. We have $200 from that gig last week." He was in a band called the Monkees with our three roommates Peter, Mike, and Davy.
      "Which was spent on food and other stuff we needed."
      "Where's the $100 you made at the resturant?"
      "Same place."
      "So we have to come up with 200 dollars by tomorrow, right?"
      "Well, I'll get the guys and we'll have a meeting." All three guys were on the beach, so Micky yelled for them out the back door. We all sat around the kitchen table. "Guys, Babbitt just came to rag us about the rent being due tomorrow. He thinks we don't have it."
      "Do we?" asked Peter.
      "No," Micky answered.
      "We have $200 from that gig last week," Davy said.
      "Which was spent on food and other stuff we needed," Micky replied.
      "Where's the $100 you made at the resturant?" Mike asked me.
      "Same place," I answered.
      "So we need to make money, right?" Mike asked.
      "Right" everyone answered.
      "Let's see if they have any gigs available for tonight," Mike suggested. He got the newspaper and checked the want ads. "Nope."
      Just then there was a knock on the door. Davy got up, went to the door and checked the peephole he couldn't reach. "It's Mr. Babbitt!" He opened the door.
      "Hello, Mr. Babbitt. Did you forget something?" Micky asked most courteously.
      "Yeah, yeah, Dolenz. Whatever." He handed Mike an envelope. "The mailman accidently delivered this to my house. It's for you."
      Mike opened the envelope. "Oh, it's from my Aunt Kate. It looks like she sent me a check." He looked at it. His face broke into a huge smile. "Why, this is a fortune!"
      "It is?" Everyone, including Mr. Babbitt, asked.
      "Uhm, Mr. Babbitt, I don't mean to be rude, but me and the guys have to have a meeting right now, and, you know. . ."
      Mr. Babbitt grinned. "Sure, sure. Say no more." He walked out of the pad.
      "How much is it, Mike?" Davy asked.
      "Two hundred whole dollars! It says here in the letter that it's for my birthday in two weeks. Boy, I'm sure glad she found that oil on her ranch!"
      "But, Mike, I thought you found the oil?" Peter said.
      "Boy, I'm sure glad I found that oil on her ranch!" Mike said. Then he put the check on the table. "Now we can pay the rent tomorrow."
      "Are you sure, Mike? It's your money. We can figure something else out." Micky said.
      "There's not much chance of that," Mike replied. "Besides, I wouldn't have it any other way. I insist."

      Later that afternoon, we were all watching television when Mr. Babbitt came over with a lot of handyman supplies. "What are you doing?" Mike asked.
      "Why, just doing my job. Don't worry. I'll fix the roof leak, then the toilet."
      "Okay, who are you and what have you done with Mr. Babbitt?" Micky asked.
      "What are you talking about? You know how fond your landlord is of you boys and how good care he takes of you."
      "What is going on?" asked Mike. "Why are you suddenly so concerned about our welfare?"
      "Why, I resent that! I've always done right by you boys."
      "Yeah, and I'm Mrs. America," Micky responded.
      Mr. Babbitt started working. "By the way" he said, "I understand you have had good news today. Some sort of goldmine--I mean present--from your aunt. By the way, how much was it? Just curious."
      "Two hundred dollars," Mike said.
      "You call that a fortune?" Mr. Babbitt asked incrediously.
      "When you're a dirt poor Texas boy, yes."
      "Oh, I just remembered," Mr. Babbitt said. "I have an emergency at the apartment complex I own. I have to go right away!"
      "Aha," Mike said. "Now things are beginning to make a lot more sense!"
      "You thought you'd get some of that by actually doing your job, huh?" Micky added.
      "Well, you'll have your rent and that's all you have to worry about," Davy added.
      "Oh, I'm insulted that you would think me so vile," Mr. Babbitt replied and stormed off unsurprisingly leaving the needed repairs undone.
      "Well, that was fun," Micky said.
      "Yeah," Mike added. "Can't wait to see how we pay next month."

by M. G.


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