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Hey! Hey! We are the Monkees.. a manufactured image with no philosophies.

"Good Clean Fun"

Part I

I wanted to be a film major, but up-state New York just wasn't were it was at. California, now that's where it was at. But, California was a long way from New York. My parents said I could go to California, if I wanted to. But I didn't know if I wanted to. I didn't know anyone in California-- it would be like starting a new life. Man, how I needed a new life. But could I make it out in California?

I was accepted to the University of Southern California at Los Angelos on February 18, 1965. I debated over whether or not I was actually going to go from that very moment until I graduated high school that following May. On my graduation day, I decided to take the very step on what would become the greatest adventure of my life.

Going to California wouldn't be easy. My parents weren't poor, but they weren't rich either. They told me that they'd help all they could, but I'd have to do my part. So, all that summer, I babysat. Everyday, almost everynight, I was at someone else's house. I earned quite a bit, but I knew that this little stash wouldn't last me through the first month-- let alone first semester. I decided to get a job out in California while going to college.

I wanted to get my foot in the door as far as my major went as soon as possible. Thinking that the school of Film would obviously have connections in Hollywood, I wrote to them asking for a paid internship where I could be learning about the film industry. In two weeks, I received a reply which contained a job referral out in Hollywood at a very small studio. I didn't care how small it was--it was a JOB!! The contacts I needed to get in touch with were two men by the names of Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider. These two men were developing a television show about four guys in a rock band.

End of part I




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