1žd, "but I'm still going to band. I need the practice."
      "He can watch," She said. "Mike, come in here."
      In walked the most gorgeous guy I'd ever seen. He was about six feet tall, and extremely thin. He even had gorgeous hair!
      "Susan Gross, meet Mike Nesmith," the counselor said, "and vice-versa."
      "Charmed," he said, as I held out my hand for him to shake. He lifted it gently and kissed it. I almost fainted. He was even cuter when he spoke! He had the most delightful Texan accent. I realized I was staring at him and looked down, blushing. I then noticed I was still wearing my gym uniform. I really started blushing!
      "I, um, need to change," I said.
      "Go ahead," the counselor waved us out.
      Mike followed me in silence as we walked to the gym. "Wait here," I said, handing him the hall pass. I ran in and quickly changed clothes. Luckily, I was wearing my favorite outfit, my long black velvet skirt, black inch-heel shoes ,and red, purple, and black striped shirt. I brushed my butt-length blonde hair and pulled it back into a ponytail.
      "So, what grade are you in?" I asked as I walked him to the front entrance.
      "I'm a Senior," he answered, his accent elating my heart as my as his words sunk it deep. "No chance for me," I thought, "Seniors don't even talk to Freshman usually."
      Mike handed me his class schedule and I walked him to each class in order, showing him the fastest way to get places. I showed him the cafeteria, saying that he'd usually eat with seniors, but he'd have to eat with my gang that day. We talked about different things. He was interested in music, acting, and history, like me. We became fast friends. "He'll forget about you later," I thought, "As soon as he meets some Seniors."
      Diana, Lindsey, and Judd were there. (We're all going to different High Schools, but who cares? It's MY story.) "Hey, LiB," said Diana.
      "Lib?" asked Mike.
      "Yeah," I said. "It's my nickname. It stands for Lady in Black. Don't ask. I know I'm not wearing only black, but it's my favorite color. I can't wear only black 'cause my cats get hair on me, and I look freaky."
      "It could stand for Loser in Black," Judd laughed, and I smacked him.
      Diana and Lindsey began to flirt heavily with Mike, but they both suddenly stopped. When Mike went to buy lunch I asked them, "Why'd you stop flirting with him?"
      "'Cause he couldn't stop staring at you," Diana replied.
      "Yeah, right," I said. "He's tall, gorgeous, and a Senior. Three strikes and I'm out. He'd never like me. Besides, he's like six feet. I'm not even five. He's so tall. And sooo cute," I sighed.
      "If you say so," she said, " but he does like you."
      "Shush, here he comes," I said.
      When school let out, I grabbed my bag and we pushed our way through the crowd. I asked Mike what bus he was going to ride. When he answered, I almost had a heart attack. He rode my bus! Excitedly I said, " Where do you live?"
      "Well, I live in Clifton," he said, "but my uncle's house, where I get off the bus is in Cambryar Homes, Fairfax."
      "Oh, my god," I thought.
      Calmly, I said "Hey, your uncle lives in my neighborhood."
      "My parents aren't home during the day, so I stay with him 'till my 'rents take me home. But that will change once I finish saving up for my motorcycle. shouldn't be long now."
      We became really good friends over the next two months. I still liked him though and I wanted him to like me, but I gave up. he was always surrounded by girls. One day I was being teased by some seniors about my height. They stole my bag and held it over my head. I kicked the one holding it and grabbed the bag as he dropped it. I turned and ran, the huge Seniors chasing me. I thought if they caught me, they'd kill me.
      "Susan, over here!" I heard a voice yell. I looked and saw Mike calling to me from the best looking motorcycle I'd ever seen.
      "My Hero," I sighed, getting on behind him breathlessly. I hugged around his waist and leaned against him as we spun out of the parking lot. I wanted to kiss him, and run my fingers through his beautiful hair, but I overcame the temptation as he was wearing a green wool hat. At that moment I love that hat. It kept me from making a fool of myself. He stopped at my house and I reluctantly got off. "Thank you so much," I said.
      "Hey, you want to go for a ride?" he asked.
      I ran into the house and dropped my books on the floor. "I'm going on a motorcycle ride with Mike," I announced and ran back out. I climbed on behind him and we rode off. I once again had the incredible urge to kiss neck, but I managed not to. I asked where we were going, but he couldn't hear me. I finally saw a sign that said welcome to Clifton and I realized we were going to Mike's house. I'd never been there. We rode on until we pulled up to one of the biggest houses I'd ever seen. It had over a hundred acres of land, and I thought I could see a pool in the distance. Mike stopped the motorcycle and we got off. I followed him as he walked to a stable that could easily have held ten horses.
      "Want to see my horse?" he asked.
      I nodded and followed him into the stable. Mike showed me a long legged mare, chestnut color with a perfectly white mane and tail. "She's gorgeous," I breathed.
      "Want a ride?" he asked.
      "Well," I said. "Um, no."
      "Why not?" Mike asked.
      "You'll laugh," I blushed.
      "No," he said, "I won't."
      I knew by the seriousness in his voice he wouldn't. "Well," I said, "when I was little, I wanted to be a jockey. I guess I figured it would be a good job for short people. Plus, I've always loved animals. So, I took lessons, and I guess I was pretty good. Then one day I rode a pony named Partner and he threw me and almost trampled me to death. I got scared after that, and I couldn't ride."
      He thought for a minute and said, "Well, how about if I ride behind you and make sure you don't fall off?"
      How could I refuse?
      He saddled the mare and mounted her. He pulled me up in front of him and off we went. At first we rode slowly. Mike held the reigns with one hand and wrapped the other arm around my waist, sending thrills up my spine. He set the mare into a jog and I was okay, but I panicked when we started to gallop. Mike immediately slowed down to a walk and my pounding heart started to slow down, but his arm around my waist kept my heartbeat above normal.
      Suddenly, I felt Mike's hand start to wander. My breath caught, and I looked back at him in surprise. He kissed me, as hard and as passionate as is possible while leaning halfway backwards and trying to guide a horse. Mike halted the mare, slid down off and tied the reigns to a tree. He walked back and held out his arms for me to jump down. I pulled my leg around and slid off into Mike's waiting arms. He let me slide down his body until we were face to face and then he started to kiss me again. I kissed back, letting free all of the emotions that I'd felt since I first met Mike. When he finally put me down, we were both breathless. He sat on the ground and I leaned against him.
      "I wanted to do that forever," Mike said quietly.
      "Why me?" I asked. "You're gorgeous, and you could have any girl you want."
      "You're perfect," he said seriously, putting his arms around me in a hug. "And I wanted you. I needed to do that before I left."
      "Leave?" I asked, panicked.
      "Remember how I told you I wanted to go to California? I'm leaving the day after school lets out."
      "No. You can't!" I said, starting to cry.
      "Shh, It's okay," He said, cupping my chin in his hand and kissing away my tears. "I'll get famous and come back to get you."
      "Not if I get you first," I grinned sadly. I looked up at the horse. "She's a beautiful mare," I said. "What's her name?"
      "The Beautiful Freshman," Mike said smiling, starting to kiss me again. "I love you."
      "I love you too," I said, kissing him back.
      "Wait for me."
      "I will."

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