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Gonna Buy Me a Dog

Part Three: Baby, you need all the friends you can get.

"I'm sorry, Autumn, but if you take your inheritance, we'll have to cut you off." Thomas Carnem dropped the news on his daughter as if it were a bomb.

"Why?" Autumn could care less.

"Because you will then be independently wealthy."

"But it's 'An undisclosed lump sum of money secured in stocks, and various banks.' I don't know if it's enough to last one week or one lifetime." This does bring up a problem, she thought.

"That's a leap of faith you'd have to take if you decide to take the money."

"Besides," said her mother, Helen, trying to soften what she and Thomas both felt to be a crippling blow to their daughter. "If it's not enough, I'm sure you could sell some of the land, or maybe rent out some of the floors of that behemoth house—they could bring in a pretty penny!"

"Well, if worse comes to worse, I could always do that."

"So, Autumn, do they have any leads in the arson?"


"The police."

"Oh, right, of course. Um, no, I haven't heard anything about it lately."

"Well, sweetie, I'm sure they'll think of something."

"Yes, of course they will. I don't have any reason to doubt them. And as soon as they figure anything out, they'll tell me. There's no reason not to. But they did say that they don't think they'll find him."

"Well, it will all work out."

"Of course it will, Mother." I do not need to be patronized like this! Autumn glanced at Micky, who'd been sitting silent on her left throughout the conversation. They rolled their eyes in unison. Autumn then glanced to Peter on her right. Autumn and Micky had run into Peter on the way to Autumn's parents' house. They explained about the events of the evening, and invited Peter to come along with them. He, of course, accepted. Autumn raised her eyebrows, and Peter squeezed her hand. "Mother, Dad, I won't be coming back for my usual check-ins in the future."



"Because I don't have to. Besides, it's too far to drive just to have you throw off these stupid, sugar-coated maxims," she pointed at her mother, "and you yell at me and contradict any point I get halfway to making," she pointed at her father.

"That is not true," said her father, mainly from reflexes.

"And I'm not going to stay here any longer tonight to put up with this." Autumn, Peter, and Micky stood up in unison. "Good-bye, Mother. Good-bye, Father. Let's go, guys." The three of them walked out without a backward glance.

"I hate those check-ins! I'm glad you guys could be there so I could end it all. Thanks guys."

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