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Gonna Buy Me a Dog

Part Four: She used to keep me so contented.

Tears were streaming down Rachel's face.

"What's wrong?" asked Micky.

"I have to leave town."

"Where are you going?"

"I can't tell you."

"Why not?"

Rachel glanced left and right. She lowered her voice to a whisper. "I'm a spy."

Micky's jaw went slack. "You're aŚ"

Rachel put her hand over his mouth. "Spy," she whispered. "That's right. I'm being transferred. Actually, it would have been my whole team, but Lael and I are the only ones left here."


"I never let her meet you. She's the best disguise artist in the service. We leave at three A. M."


"Yeah, we try to leave when no one will notice us."

"Wait, you're leaving town? That means. . . ." Micky's face fell.

"Yeah," Rachel said, nodding. Micky stood there, silently pondering this. There was no way she could stay, this was work. They only had a few hours left together. Micky pulled Rachel into a tight hug.

After what seemed like forever, someone opened the front door and walked in. Whoever it was started to back out. Micky released Rachel to see who it was.

"Autumn, Peter, come in!"

Autumn and Peter came back in. "Hi guys."

"Hi," said Rachel.

"What's wrong?" Autumn asked with concern.

"I'm leaving town."


Micky signaled for Rachel to not say anything. "Are you guys up for going out?"

"Staying out?" asked Autumn.


"How late?"

"Two A. M."

"Is that all? Oh well, where are we going to?"

"Where did you use to go when you stayed out all night?"

"You wouldn't want to go there, believe me."

"Why not?"

"It's not important. I do know where we could go, though."


"Well, it's kinda hard to say. Just follow me, and stay low. Oh, and um, if anyone asks, don't tell them your name. They don't really need to know it."

"Okay," said Rachel. "What will we do when we get there?"

"There's plenty to do. Do you like to play cards?"

"Yeah," she said.

"Too bad, that's not something we do there. But if you like swimming, I can help you."

"I don't have a swimsuit with me."

"I have some there that we can use."

"What about us?" asked Micky.

"You could get yours now unless one of us can pick locks."

"I can," Rachel volunteered.

Autumn did a double-take. "Okay."

"Hey!" called a voice from the top of the stairs. The four below looked up, alarmed.

"Keep it down," said Mike. "I'm tryin' to sleep here."

"Sorry," said Autumn. "If the police come by, we weren't here, you don't know us. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure," Mike yawned, walking back into his room.

Autumn herded the other three out the door and the set off for the . . . well, wherever it was that Autumn was taking them.

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