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Goin Down Part Two

Goin' Down

Part Two: I wish I looked before I leaped, I didn't know it was so deep

"I hate this, I hate this, I hate this!"

"Control yourself!"

"Control myself?! How do you prepose I do that, Michael?! I am going stir crazy! Sea sickness was one thing, but I can't spend another day on this maddening ship, sequestered in this sweltering cabin. Get me off of this ship!"

"We can't do anything about it."

"Oh, yes you can. Get out, now!" The yell could be heard throughout the ship.

The bosun ran up to the cap'in's cabin. He found the first mate, advisor, good luck omen, their wenches, and the cap'in standing outside the cabin.

"What's wrong with your wench, cap'in?"

"Cabin fever."

"Well, that makes sense. Shall I go in and talk to her? I'm used to dealing with the crew when they have problems like this."

"For a few minutes." Peter stepped aside and opened the door. Acting blind was difficult.

After a few seconds, the bosun ran from the room.

"What's wrong?" Micky asked.

"Even I know to avoid a wench who's throwing things."

"Uh oh."

Peter turned and walked into the now-dark cabin. "Autumn?" he whispered.

A match was lit somewhere in the room. "Over here," she said softly, lighting a candle.

"What happened to the lights?"

"I blew them out. Peter, I've got important information, but I can't tell you anything for a few more days—I don't know anything definite. But I do know we have to start dismantling in the next week."

"What about that fit?"

"It's all part of my role—mainly time to get the bosun alone just long enough to tell me when the next mutiny meeting."

"They're going to incite mutiny?"

"They're going to try."

"That doesn't always work so well. . . ."

"It seems to be a very common sentiment. But don't worry, we trained this over and over."

"Tired, wet, hungry, far from home—"

"That's the drill. Get everyone in here, Rachel's got a breifing for us."


Twenty-three days ago, Peter got a letter from the CIS Offices.

"Mr. Tork:

"You did an excellent job in assisting us in apprehending 'Boris' and his microfilm. You were key in defeating Dragonman, and keeping the formula for the Doomsday Bug safe. This is why we must require your services, as well as those of your friends, the Monkees, again.

"We are currently under new management. Please report for your assignment tomorrow, January 3, 1968, at 9AM. We are still in the same office.

"Thank you for your time. Your services are, as always, greatly appreciated."


"Sargeant William Lipker"

Over the next three weeks, they brought Autumn, Coralia and Kattina into their assignment. Their assignment was to get rid of an entire shipload of pirates. Nothing new for the Monkees, they just weren't used to being assigned to do it.


"Leiah, if that's her real name, is a traitor."


"She can't be allowed to see cap'in more than necessary."

"Are you sure she's a traitor?"

"Positive. I've heard her telling every one of those long-haired weirdos and wenches everything she knows."


"Happy birthday, Rachel!"

"Twenty-six already."

"Yeah, Mick's got an older woman."

"By far! I won't be twenty-three for more than a month, let alone twenty-six."

"Gee thanks, guys, you make me feel so young and spry with all this talk."

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