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Mary, Mary

Part Four: I've done more now than a clear-thinkin' man would do.

Micky was nervous. He hadn't been this nervous in ages—probably not since he'd as Autumn out the first time in high school.

It was six minutes after seven. Micky was afraid that Rachel had only agreed to dinner to humor him when she walked in.

"Hi!" she said cheerfully.

"Hi, Rachel."

"Sorry I'm late."

"It's okay."

"Are you alright, Micky? You look a little shaky."

"Just a little nervous." Micky decided that this relationship was going to be completely honest beginning to whatever ends it reached.


"Seeing you."

"Really? What should I do to put you at ease?"

"Showing up works well."

Rachel laughed. "Good."

"So, vhat vould zou like for zhe deener?" he asked, adopting a bad French accent.

"Um . . . how vould zhose Amereecahnz say eet? Ah, pizza!" Rachel replied with the same fake accent.

"And vhat vould zou like on zhat pizza?"


"What?" Mick asked, dropping the accent.



A waitress suddenly dropped a cheese pizza, two milkshakes and the bill on the table.

"Thanks," Rachel and Micky said in unison, but the waitress was already out of earshot.

"That was strange," Rachel remarked. "Is that usual service here?"

"I wouldn't know."

Rachel shrugged and dug in. "At least the food's good," she said after swallowing.

The rest of the hour flew by. Before they knew what was going on, the other Monkees, along with Autumn, were there.

"You gotta go set up, Mick," informed Autumn. "Hey, Rachel. Did you two have fun?"

"Yes!" Rachel exclaimed emphatically. Micky nodded furiously as well. They'd both relaxed and grown completely comfortable—to the point where Micky could tell Rachel anything she wanted to know—even about Gia, but only if Rachel asked.

"You'd better hurry up, Mick."

Micky spied Rachel's hand resting on the table. He covered hers with his own and gave her hand a quick squeeze before leaving for the bandstand.

"You guys really hit it off, didn't you?"

"Yeah," Rachel said, smiling. She didn't realize that she was lightly tracing circles on the hand Micky had squeezed.

"I think you're falling for him," Autumn said.

"You really think so?"

Autumn nodded. I guess Micky and Gia are really over. Who would've thought?

Mary, Mary Part Five

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