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Don't Call on Me

Part Five: Okay, little girl, live for yourself in you own little world.

"So, Gia, I take it you and Micky are back together."

No we're not—he's only here to grieve. When he's done with that, he'll be officially done with me, and I'll be left alone again. Don't lie to yourself. "Yeah."

"Well, congrats, then."

"Thanks, Autumn."

Autumn walked away. She could tell Gia was lying to her and herself—she knew what was really going on.

As Autumn was waiting for the elevator, she was lost in her thoughts. She didn't realize anyone else was going to board the elevator. At least she didn't until someone wrapped their arms around her waist. This was no friendly hi-hello hug, this was a ha-ha!-I've got you now! hold. And that ha-ha! is no laughing matter.

Autumn reasoned that unless her assailant was a potted plant or space alien, it had feet. And if it was one of those, she was already past hope. Autumn stomped on her attacker's foot. Before they reacted to that, Autumn kicked the offender in the shin and elbowed them in the stomach. She could've done more, but the culprit released her to double over in pain.

Autumn turned around—she wanted to be able to give a good description in the police report. "Micky?"

"What?" he whispered, gasping for air.

"I hope you learned your lesson." Micky nodded. "Good." The elevator arrived. Autumn got on, and Micky hobbled on after her.

"Hold the elevator!" Rachel was standing in the doorway of her room, arguing with Lael.

Autumn put her foot in the door of the elevator. "Micky, listen to me. If you hurt any of my friends, I can hurt you more than you realize. Do you understand?"

Micky was easing himself into a standing position. "Autumn, I don't want to hurt anyone, but I think that's unavoidable now."

"Don't hurt them any more than necessary."

"I'll try not to."

"Micky, there's no such thing as try. It's either do, or don't."

"It's not that black and white."

"What, it's just another shade of grey? Micky, this one's easy."

"No, it's not."

Rachel was now within earshot, so they shut up.

"Thanks," she said, getting on the elevator. "Autumn, I don't mean to embarrass you or look a gift horse in the mouth, but . . . will this check bounce?"

"Um . . . let me check." Autumn rummaged through her purse until she found the check register. "Let's see . . . Helen should've made another two deposits . . . so yeah. It'll clear."

"Where in the world did you get all that money?"

"My parents. My dad owns one of practically everything . . . almost all of my parents' families are rich people. Can I ask you one overtly forward question? I've answered your two."

"Go ahead."

"How did you run up a twelve-thousand-dollar bill?"

"Room service, extras, came to about fifty dollars a day, for eight months."

"Why don't you get a house? Would that be much less expensive?"

"I guess . . . but I like the housekeeping."

"You could get a good maid for that kind of cash."

"Autumn," Micky interrupted, "I came by to tell you that Peter wants to see you."

"When? Where? Why?"

"Now, home, and I don't know."

"Hey, it's the third Thursday—Popcorn later!"

"That's right—I gotta get my record back. Rachel, would you like to come over to our house tonight? It's our monthly party."

Rachel looked reluctant. "What about Gianna?"

"What about her?"

"Aren't you two dating?"

Micky was taken aback. "No . . . why did you think that?"

"Um . . . no reason?"

"Well, will you come tonight?"

Rachel was still reluctant.


"You're sure you and Gia aren't together and you haven't done anything to lead her to think that?"


"See you tonight then."

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