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Don't Call on Me

Part Seven: It's all over now, I've finally seen my way.

"Man, I feel terrible about hurting Gia's feelings. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings, I was just surprised."

"I know, Mick, I know."

"Just remember to apologize, okay?"

"But there's one problem—"


"I may have feelings for her."


Micky winced. "Yes?"

"How could you be so stupid? What kind of feelings do you have for her?"

"I'm not sure if it's just sympathy or if it's bona fide affection."

"Micky, I don't know what to tell you. I've been here through this whole thing."

"That's true."

"And I've heard your whole side of the story."

"True, too."

"And I can't make your decision for you."

"Why not?"

"Because I am not you. Besides that, I'm not even a guy. I don't understand your thinking in any way, shape or form. You, my friend are mystifying."

"Well, it's nice to have mystery in a relationship."

"You are so crazy—but a great friend. Good luck, Micky. What ever decision you make will be the right one."


Autumn's words echoed through his head all that day, and the next. Rachel would win out one minute, then Gia would lap her. It was so confusing. Micky didn't know who to choose.

"Mike, Gia or Rachel?"

"Not me," said Mike. "Better make it Gia or Rachel."

"No, man, I mean Gia or Rachel?"

"That's better. I don't know, Micky. You tell me."

"Gia saved my life when I first met her. Rachel was intriguing."

"Go on."

"Gia is safe and secure. Rachel is wild and crazy."

"Keep on."

"Gia and I had a relationship. Rachel and I had fun."

"Who do you like more?"


"Micky, which one can't you live with out?"

Micky thought. "I think I could live with out them both."

"Well, Micky, you've known Gia for eight months or something like that. You've known Rachel only one month, and already she's tied with Gia—you haven't even gone out three times with Rachel."

"Thanks for all your help, Mike."

"Sure." Mike left Micky alone with his thoughts. Micky now knew what to do. He picked up the telephone and dialed. "Hello? We need to talk."

the sequel to Don't Call on Me, Gonna Buy Me a Dog Part One

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